The Red Sea will display its marine life


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The Marine Life Institute on the Red Sea is a new leisure, entertainment and research project being developed in Saudi Arabia. This innovative concept promises to capture a new wave of tourists combining the exhibition of the spectacular marine fauna of the place with immersive experiences, research spaces, and species preservation.


The impressive construction in the shape of a group of corals embedded in the shore of the Red Sea is located specifically in the Triple Bay Marina in Amaala. This ensures a large influx of tourists who love both luxury and the sea.


A unique experience 

Divided into spaces on three levels (ground-level, underground, and underwater) the Marine Life Institute will offer visitors access to ultramarine rides in submersible vehicles.


In this sense, one of the most interesting experiences will be the dives in a semi-spherical tank suspended inside the building. Inside the tank, local marine species will be exhibited in a coral garden.


Also, the lower level of the complex will be surrounded by several educational tours, galleries, and spaces to admire marine life. This translates into an interesting and fun place, suitable for the whole family.


On the other hand, those fortunate enough to visit this architectural marvel will enjoy screens integrated into the building that will show their journey through the Red Sea. These screens will project all the beauty and features of the place to envelop tourists in the sensation of diving into the ocean as they descend through the building.


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A resistant coral

The structure is built on an iron frame in the form of a coral reef with the different towers being clad with prefabricated GRC panels. This material was specifically chosen because it prevents corrosion and ensures the permanence of the building in an environment with extremely high salt concentrations.


The lighting of the entire complex is another interesting topic. It is designed to take care of the nocturnal environment of the depths, avoiding damage to the protected species and providing an even more immersive experience.


The Marine Life Institute on the Red Sea will be a fully sustainable complex. Its sewage will be conveniently treated before disposal, avoiding ocean pollution, and reducing the impact of the building on the site.


Something interesting to note is that the entire building is surrounded by more than 40% of native plants that create an impressive landscape. Foster+Partners, the firm in charge of developing this project, certainly considered all the details that will make this an iconic construction in the Middle East.


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