The 6 apps that architects must explore in 2018


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Just like many other professionals, architects use their smartphones more frequently to work, so they are very interested in apps that support their job. Luckily, there are new mobile architecture apps coming out every day that make things easier. From apps that help in terms of calculations to those that allow the visualization of projects, it happens that having the tools that can make you more competitive, productive, and efficient is certainly a blessing.

With that in mind, here are the 6 most interesting apps that any architect would like to download to their device in 2018.

MagicPlan (iOS / Android) Did you forget the measuring tape? This app will solve that problem. You’ll be able to measure rooms, create floor plans, and suggest work estimates using your device’s camera. Besides, you can easily export the information and make the modifications later. The best part? It’s free!

Construction Master Pro (iOS / Android / Windows) Calculations aren’t your thing? This is one of those miraculous apps that will not only help you solve any area and volume calculation but will also decrease the margin of error. Also, with this app, you’ll have in your hands the possibility to do anything from the layout of the stairs to determining the amount of plasterboard that must be used.

Leafsnap (iOS) Landscape architects love this app since it’s able to recognize a plant by simply focusing your device’s camera lens on one of the leaves. You can not only obtain the name of the species, but also information about fruits, flowers, and even the bark. Everything you need to know in just one click.


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Sun Seeker (iOS / Android) This application provides an analysis of the position, angle, and trajectory of the sun during the day. This app is perfect for those who want to take advantage of solar panels and optimize their facilities. Sun Seeker uses an interactive 3D view, which allows it to immediately determine the amount of solar light the building will receive.

iRhino 3D (iOS) You must be tired of bringing your laptop everywhere to work on your 3D designs, well iRhino 3D is the answer to your prayers. You will be able to do it with your phone or tablet using this app. The simple interface will let you move around and effortlessly zoom in your 3Ds. An important detail is that you will be able to upload models in Rhino from the web, Google Drive, Dropbox, files attached to e-mails, or from iTunes.

Planimeter (iOS / Android) This app is the ruler tool of maps that saves time and energy. It can be used anywhere to measure land area, distance, perimeter, direction, and angles. Its advantages include a GPS follow-up tool that is useful to measure coordinates. It’s the perfect ally for landscape designers, landscape architects, and civil engineers.

So, the modern era brings interesting tools to our hands that can make our work simpler, more precise, and productive no matter where we are.


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