The 5 most spectacular buildings under construction by Zaha Hadid Architects 


Zaha Hadid Architects continues to redefine contemporary architecture with projects of magnificent scale and innovative design. So, today we present five of the most spectacular buildings currently underway, highlighting their location, size, materials, and cost. 

1. Masaryk, Prague 

Location: Prague, Czech Republic 

Height: 9 floors 

Materials: Local suppliers, recycled materials, and external flaps for sun protection 

Cost: Not specified 

Integrated into a public plaza and located partially on the train tracks of the historic Masaryk train station, this building seeks to be a welcoming gateway to the city. Its design incorporates terraces that divide and open up the space, maximizing access to open areas. Masaryk prioritizes sustainability with local and recycled materials and seeks to obtain a LEED Platinum certification. 

2. The Henderson, Hong Kong 

© Henderson

Location: Hong Kong 

Height: 190 meters (36 floors) 

Materials: 4-layer, double laminated, double curved insulating glass 

Cost: 23.3 billion Hong Kong dollars (2.57 billion euros) 

This winding skyscraper is inspired by Hong Kong’s symbol: the Bauhinia plant. With a high-tech glass structure, the building is designed to withstand typhoons and reduce cooling load. It will be located in the central business district, connecting to important financial and civic institutions (see details). Additionally, the structure combines elements of art, innovation, and sustainability, positioning The Henderson as a new benchmark for future Grade A smart offices. 

3. SKY PARK 4th Tower, Bratislava 

Location: Bratislava, Slovakia 

Height: 31 floors 

Materials: Not specified 

Cost: Not specified 

The fourth tower of the SKY PARK project will add 260 apartments with panoramic views of downtown Bratislava. The project combines residential and public space, including a 35,000 m² urban park. Completion is scheduled for the first half of 2025. 

© ZHA Architects

4. Tower C, Shenzhen Bay Super Headquarters Base, Shenzhen 

Location: Shenzhen, China 

Height: 400 meters (approximately) 

Materials: Unitized glass curtain wall, double insulated, staggered glazing 

Cost: Not specified 

This two-tower skyscraper will be a financial and technological center that will house 300,000 employees daily. With column-free office space, retail, entertainment, hotel, and cultural centers, Tower C will stand out for its multifunctional design and efficient environmental control, integrating natural and hybrid ventilation. 

 5. Zhuhai Jinwan Civic Art Centre, Zhuhai 

Location: Zhuhai, China 

Height: 270 meters 

Materials: Self-supporting modules optimized by prefabrication, light, and dark materials depending on their use.  

Cost: Not specified 

This cultural complex includes a performing arts center, an art museum, and a science center. With a symmetrical layout and a shell made up of repetitive pieces that vary in scale, the design optimizes functionality and aesthetics. The buildings are finished with materials that reflect their specific uses, creating a harmonious integration with the ZhongXin Lake environment. 

These projects stand out not only for their innovation and aesthetics but also for their commitment to sustainability and functionality. Zaha Hadid Architects continues to lead the way in terms of modern architecture, creating spaces that are both breathtaking and practical. 



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