The 4 trends that will take over the kitchen in 2022


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New year, new kitchen is a motto that many have set to start 2022. But before you start planning what you want to buy, change, paint or renovate, it is important to take a look at what will set the tone for the year ahead.


So join us, as we present 4 of the trends that will take over the kitchen during 2022.


#1. Say yes to integration.

Connect, open and, above all, integrate, will be the verbs to conjugate in the kitchen in 2022. Architects and interior designers agree that the pandemic changed our perception of this area of the home, and now, the need for space and openness in it is mandatory.


And we are not just talking about large spaces (open kitchens), but free areas. That is, on the countertops should go only the necessary, because the rest should be integrated into the furniture and connected to your Wi-Fi.


Also, built-in appliances visually facilitate the integration typical of the open kitchen concept, which will continue to be trendy.


#2. Welcome natural and long-lasting materials.

This is a trend that has been around for a while but will take hold, according to experts, in 2022. Natural materials such as metals, fibers, and wood in multiple presentations, among others, will be the protagonists of the decoration in the kitchen.


As interior designers explain, the concern for the footprint that our choices in the home leave on the environment will determine many of the decisions that will be made from now on in terms of decoration. So we’ll see the prevalence of country-style and industrial kitchens with vintage details throughout 2022.


And along with the natural elements, eco-responsible and durable materials will enter the kitchen to stay, as these are consistent with the growing concern of many homeowners for the conservation of the planet. In this sense, the scales will tip in favor of resistant objects, furniture, and elements that are timeless and don’t lose their beauty in time.


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#3. Adaptable and flexible kitchens.

The COVID has forever transformed our homes, especially the kitchen. These days where teleworking is still the norm, this space must be adapted to the new reality.


The words here are ergonomic, flexible, and connectable. In this sense, the trend will be towards large desks that can be easily transformed into workspaces, with comfortable chairs. Likewise, good lighting and accessible power outlets will be mandatory to make this adaptability possible.


#4. Distinctive elements.

The uniqueness of decorative elements will be a trend in 2022. In a year in which monochromatic combinations will predominate in this area of the home, elements that stand out, and help add a distinctive touch of character in the kitchen, will be welcome.


Unique lamps, open shelves with cookbooks, some vintage elements, or even a peculiar appliance in terms of color or design, are things that will make this trend tangible.


We’ll be talking about it throughout 2022, and if you haven’t made a decision yet, we can help you turn your kitchen life around.


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