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Every type of kitchen has its pros and cons regardless of its distribution. For that precise reason, we want to offer you a few tips to take advantage of what you have in a smart and clever way.


The first thing to consider in any of the 5 classic kitchen layouts (linear, U-shaped, L-shaped, parallel, or with a central island) is the work triangle. That is, the area that unites the three fundamental points in this space of the home: the refrigerator, the sink, and the cooking area.


In this sense, experts say that for this triangle to be efficient, the dimension of each side must be between 1.2 and 2.5 m. This means that the distances can be neither too large nor too small, because in both cases the work in the kitchen becomes difficult and stressful, and, of course, no one wants that.


So, get ready to take note of these tips below to make any type of kitchen a comfortable and functional space.


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Linear or parallel kitchens

These are the usual layouts when the space is small. In the first case, the work triangle becomes linear. The second one offers the advantage of turning around and finding any of the basic elements for cooking.


Usually, both kitchens have in common the small countertop space and reduced distance between the cooktop or range and the sink. However, both can become functional and comfortable if:

  1. Appliances are eliminated from countertops to turn them into work-only areas.
  2. A table is installed in the center as an island in the case of the linear kitchen (in front of the range or cooktop is the best position) or at the end of it, in the case of the parallel layout.
  3. In both kitchens, you can consider the possibility of placing steel bars on the wall, and hooks or shelves to use appliances and utensils as part of the decoration.


In this way, you will create, in either of the two layouts, a pleasant atmosphere that’ll invite you to share and enjoy what you’re cooking.


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U-shaped or L-shaped kitchens

Both layouts are comfortable and functional. The L-shaped kitchen is the classic open concept that puts the refrigerator and the sink on one side, and the cooktop or range on the other, allowing you to play with the countertops and place everyday appliances on them.


The U-shaped layout is also often used in open concept kitchens and sometimes is the solution in small apartments because a breakfast bar can be placed above the lower shelves on one of its sides, which helps to integrate it with the dining area.


How to optimize both distributions?


  1. The main advice for both is to bet on appliances that can be integrated with the rest of the furniture. This will not only give uniformity to the spaces and make the integration proposed by the open concept more subtle, but it will also free up the countertops so that you can work on them.
  2. In the L-shaped kitchen, you must take full advantage of the corners, either with special corner shelves or using that vertex on the countertop to place a decorative piece or an appliance that fits well there.
  3. As it happens with linear kitchens, it’s a good idea to add a mobile table or island that can also serve as a cabinet or open shelf to L-shaped kitchens. This will add a chic touch.


The kitchen with islands

This is certainly everyone’s favorite as we all dream of having one at home. They are comfortable, spacious, and highly functional. The optimal layout for this type of kitchen places the cooktop or range on the island, the sink in front of it, and the refrigerator at one end. However, everything depends on the client’s needs.


To optimize the idyllic space offered by this type of kitchen, you can:

  1. Use the bottom of the island to install an undercounter refrigerator or wine cellar and use the remaining space for storage.
  2. Choose built-in appliances that will free up countertop space and leave the island as the area where you gather with loved ones to share a meal.

We hope that these simple tips guide you to take advantage of the type of kitchen you have at home.


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