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Architecture is at the service of children in the 21st century. Why? Because more governments and institutions in charge of childcare are striving to provide children, from a very young age, with pleasant spaces for social, cultural, and academic learning.


So, it doesn’t come as a surprise that nurseries are currently one of the architectural projects that firms of all sizes are eager to do. This also explains why in recent years, kindergartens have become the architectural jewels of the most populated cities around the world.


Functional, aesthetically pleasing, and modeled on their neighborhoods, 21st-century nurseries are a mini “wonderland” where children can explore, learn, and take their first steps in the complex world of socialization.


4 nurseries everyone would want to attend


Below we present 4 kindergarten projects that provide a unique and ingenious solution for a space intended for playing and learning. What do the 4 have in common? Well, colorful facades, modern and sharp lines, and becoming the center of the community where the nurseries were built.


Like made from LEGOS. Chuon Kim 2 Kindergarten is a nursery designed by the KIENTRUC O studio, in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.


The space, which was awarded with the A+ 2020 Awards, in the Institutional – Kindergartens category, is inspired by the LEGO style. Its amazing façade is composed of bricks that form fun patterns.


The most fascinating detail about it? The passage from the garden on the ground floor to the rooftop garden (which overlooks Ho Chi Minh City River), is a journey for children to explore and for the staff to calm down and relax. That translates into a well-thought-out space.


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Learning in a greenhouse. The Epée de Bois nursery is like a greenhouse hidden in the middle of brick buildings in turbulent Paris. Designed by the H2O studio, this kindergarten resembles a transparent and irregular box lined with glazed windows to divert the heat.


A monochromatic exterior screen made of a simple material not only gives the place a unique look but also keeps the children safe from the direct rays of the sun. Besides, the ingenious design of the roof, made of a vaporous fabric stretched over a folded metal frame that extends over the entrances, also protects children from the rain as they enter or leave the building.


The three-level nursery has the infant area on the ground floor and first floor, while the administrative area is in the basement.


Colorful branches. The Creche Ropponmatsu kindergarten is a project developed by the Emmanuelle Moureaux Architecture + Design studio.


Located in a residential area of Fukuoka, Japan, this nursery consists of a three-story building that stands out for its use of color. On its façade, the 22-color “tree branches” function as a soft buffer between the interior where 90 children share the space, and the neighborhood on the outside. The inside of the facility is filled with colors that are intended to stimulate the children’s vision and minds.


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Tetris for children. Located in Seoul, South Korea, the Tetris Kindergarten is a project by IROJE KHM Architects. Built between high-rise residential towers and a road, it stands out for its shape (reminiscent of the famous Russian game popular in the 1990s) and its colorful glazing.


The space formed by different areas has a beautiful roof garden with platforms of different heights that invite children to go up and down. The interior applies the same strategy to create a fairly dynamic spatial experience within limited spaces.


So, as you can see, these 4 nurseries or kindergartens show us the trends in terms of spaces that architectural studios have devised for the little ones, who are the next generation, to develop their first social skills.


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