Stone, wood, or concrete, 3 countertop trends (pros and cons)


Stone, wood, or concrete are the three materials that are trending for kitchen countertops in 2023. Ready to add beauty to the space and be an essential part of the design, countertops have transformed as the kitchen has moved away from its traditional role and become a more advanced and multifunctional living space.

Since the early days of the kitchen, natural materials such as stone, wood, and even steel have been used for countertops and other surfaces. But with the arrival of technological advances, concrete, granite, quartz, and laminates have become increasingly popular as they offer a wider range of colors and textures that meet the design needs of this room in the home.

Below we present the pros and cons of these three materials trending in 2023, to help you make the best choice.

Stone, the timeless classic

Stone countertops are a timeless classic as their luxurious look adds an elegant touch to any kitchen. Out of the three main types of stone countertops we mentioned before – granite, marble, or quartz – you should keep in mind that each has unique characteristics that can be advantageous or disadvantageous depending on the characteristics of your kitchen. Let’s look at them individually:

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  • Quartz. Among its pros are its hardness, and variety of colors (and veins) which makes it an excellent choice for any kitchen style. Also, quartz countertops are easier to clean than granite or marble because they don’t absorb liquids. Its only disadvantage would be its price because although it isn’t as glamorous as granite or marble, it does have the same price range as the former.
  • Marble and granite. The pros: both marble and granite are a constant trend in high-end kitchen design because of their aesthetic appeal. The cons: granite is a very hard surface that needs to be sealed from time to time, while marble is a soft stone that requires special care. Both are porous materials that need to be carefully guarded against stains.

Wood, the signature of “home”

Wood countertops bring an atmosphere of warmth and comfort to any home, offering a rustic charm that can be both cozy and inviting.

The pros: it offers a wide range of colors, grains, and textures, which makes it the perfect choice for open kitchens since it can be integrated with the rest of the furniture. They are easy to clean and can be maintained with wood oil, but (and here comes the con) wood must be sealed with a resistant lacquer to protect it from knocks, stains, and liquids.

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Concrete, the favorite of minimalism

Everything changed after concrete entered the kitchen. Minimalism found a new best friend and industrial style had a partner.

The pros: concrete countertops are not only incredibly durable and surprisingly affordable, but they also look fantastic in any kitchen. This material, available in a wide variety of colors and textures, allows you to have a uniquely designed kitchen that expresses your style. Cons: concrete must be sealed up to four times a year, and cleaned according to precise instructions to keep it looking brand new.

So, here you have the interesting possibilities that these three countertop materials have to offer. Analyze their advantages and disadvantages before you decide to choose one of them.


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