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Solar roofs are here to stay, that is a fact. And even though some may insist that they are expensive and unsightly, the truth is that green architecture is increasing its use.

With that in mind, Tesla, a company that aims at turning solar energy into the core of their business, aside from being known as one of the most innovative companies in the world, is launching this year into the market solar tiles available to architects. The company, which is directed by Elon Musk, and is known for its luxury solar energy vehicles, has expanded their scope with this new product –presented in 2016- with the basic promise that “no roof shall resemble another one.”

Bye, bye panels?

Even though both technologies will go hand in hand for some time, the market knowledge acquired by Tesla through its solar panels and its PowerWall 1, allowed the company to develop a solar roof that not only contributes to the decrease of the environmental problems we currently face but also offers families the same benefits as panels (energy savings).

So, solar tiles (Solar Roof) transform the light of the sun into electricity and beautify your home at the same time. They come with an integrated battery (Powerwall 2) that stores the energy collected during the day, so it is available at night.

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Made of tempered glass, Tesla ensures that their lifespan is two or three times higher than regular roofs. These tiles -that began to be manufactured since the middle of last year- are made of three overlapped layers: The first made of high-resistance tempered glass, followed by a coat of color that works as a blind depending on how light falls on the tiles, and, lastly, photovoltaic cells.

Hail, wind, and fire proof, these tiles come with a warranty that states that “they would last as much as your home.” Besides, you can add a special touch to them, since their appearance changes based on the viewing angle. That means that they would look matte from the street, while from above they will turn transparent facing the sun. But the best part is that no one would be able to know if you have solar tiles or not, since the company especially designed 4 models that look like regular tiles.

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An excellent investment

Now, we all know that technology is not cheap, but given the high costs that services such as electricity have in many countries, the savings that this type of roof offers turns it in the mid-term into an excellent investment that would be reflected in your bills.

However, this product is quite new in the architecture industry and its acceptance is yet to be seen; meanwhile solar panels continue to rule the trends. So much so that even IKEA launched a line of “cheap” solar panels that promise to reduce energy consumption by 50% in British homes. Hence, the future is not around the corner, it has already arrived, and you just have to open the door.


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