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The studio Big Architects is developing the first sustainable and custom-made housing project in California in partnership with the New York developer Nabr. The project envisions a 100-unit apartment building that buyers can co-design to their liking, with a zero-carbon footprint in one of the most vibrant locations in the United States.


Located in the city of San Jose, California, most precisely in the urban core of Silicon Valley, SoFA One, a residential building that can make the wishes of any millennial come true, will be inaugurated in December 2022 to meet the demand of the employees of the most important startups in the world. Each of its apartments promises to have a unique design to distribute its internal spaces according to the client’s needs, always using techniques and materials with minimal environmental impact.


The first of many

Nabr is a construction company that wants to position itself in the market as a developer of buildings without a carbon footprint and with a very interesting sales system. The buyer can secure the property with 1% of its cost and start designing the interior according to personal preferences.


The first building is being built in San Jose with fully sustainable materials. Some of the characteristics of the construction include a chromatic glass that darkens according to the outside light to prevent overheating of the space, photovoltaic cells to provide energy to the entire complex, large windows to ensure the entry of natural light and promote the integration of the environments, a slanted and irregular facade for a modern design that ensures all apartments a standard light entry, parking spaces with charging points for electric cars, water purification system, and a community terrace. Like we said, a millennial’s dream come true.


La Cuisine International


An oasis in the heart of California

The homes are equipped with a terrace with enviable views of the valley and enough space to grow plants and even do a barbecue. The arrangement of the windows will allow the sun to enter during the day, minimizing electricity consumption.


As for the kitchen, the space is integrated into the social area in the model apartment, although the buyer can modify this. Each apartment will include all appliances (electric range/cooktop, high-speed oven, refrigerator, and wine cooler) chosen for their energy efficiency and compatibility with the design, as well as a water purifier.


The apartments will cost approximately $700,000 depending on their size, ranging from studio apartments to three-bedroom homes. Scandinavian design, hardwood floors, premium finishes, automated temperature control, and all utilities and appliances included and registered in a remote-control app, are some of the wonderful features that residents of 415 South 3rd Street in Silicon Valley will enjoy.


Interested parties should sign up for a waiting list and cross their fingers to get their hands on an apartment in what promises to be a highly sought-after condominium.


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