Say goodbye to odors with the HMIB36WS extractor hood  


Thermador’s HMIB36WS island extractor hood is the ideal choice for those passionate about cooking, who are also looking for the perfect combination of functionality and design since its simple, yet powerful design makes it a must-have for any large kitchen. 

More than just an appliance, this extractor hood is a statement of style and efficiency. Therefore, it is the perfect choice for those who want to combine aesthetics and performance. 

Large solutions for large spaces  

In large kitchens, having enough ventilation is crucial to maintaining a clean and fresh environment. The Thermador HMIB36WS offers just that with power that ensures the effective removal of smoke, odors, and grease. 

Besides, its sleek, floating design brings a modern, sophisticated touch that blends seamlessly into any decoration style. This extractor hood is functional, while it also serves as an attractive focal point in your kitchen. 

However, the simplicity of its design should not be confused with a lack of functionality. On the contrary, its minimalist appearance hides an impressive performance, capable of coping with the demands of the busiest kitchens. This balance between simplicity and power makes the HMIB36WS a high-end kitchen extractor hood that excels in terms of performance and appearance. 

Whether you’re cooking a gourmet dinner for friends or simply preparing a quick meal, this Thermador appliance ensures that your cooking experience is always the best. Its ability to blend in and enhance spacious kitchens makes it a smart investment. 

Innovation and connectivity  

The Thermador HMIB36WS extractor hood introduces your kitchen to innovation with its built-in Wi-Fi connectivity. This feature, which is not available in all countries, allows remote monitoring and control of lights and fan speed. 

In addition, you’ll receive notifications to clean the grease filter, ensuring continuous and efficient performance. Compatible with smart home devices like Amazon’s Alexa, this appliance integrates seamlessly into the connected home, making your daily life easier. 

Communication between appliances 

In a modern kitchen, communication between appliances is essential. Thermador has created a dream team in the kitchen, which allows the HMIB36WS extractor hood and the brand’s induction cooktops, from the Freedom and Liberty collections, to work together in perfect synchrony. 

Thanks to the Sync function, the extractor hood and cooktop can communicate to automatically turn on task lighting and ventilation when the cooktop is in use. This feature not only improves efficiency but also provides a well-lit and ventilated kitchen while you cook. 

Simplified maintenance and versatile speeds 

The Thermador HMIB36WS extractor hood makes maintenance easy with its dishwasher-safe grease filter. The filter button illuminates when it needs to be cleaned, ensuring that it always performs optimally. 

This feature prolongs the life of the extractor, while also saving you time and effort in maintenance. 

When it comes to speeds, this is an appliance with a fan that offers four speeds, allowing it to adapt to any cooking situation. From light steaming to intense frying, you can choose the right power level to effectively extract air and filter contaminants. 

This versatility guarantees that you will always have the perfect airflow for whatever recipe you decide to prepare. 

A dynamic focal point 

Beyond its functionality, the Thermador HMIB36WS island extractor hood stands out as a design element in the kitchen. Its sleek floating design makes it a dynamic focal point, bringing a touch of modern sophistication. Whether your kitchen is contemporary or traditional, this appliance will blend in seamlessly, enhancing the style of your culinary space. 

So, this is an island extractor hood that meets the highest demands in performance and efficiency, yet it also brings a sleek, modern design to any large kitchen. With its smart connectivity, ease of maintenance, and versatility, this extractor hood is the perfect choice for those looking for the best in their kitchens. 


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