Renovation: The best kitchen layouts and designs


Our high-rise HDB flats and condo units are being downsized, which means that having compact but efficient layouts now are more essential than ever. If you love cooking, entertaining and food, the kitchen is a big part of your home. While professional-grade equipment and beautiful finishes score you points, the basic requirement of any good kitchen is a seamless workflow when it comes to food preparation and cooking.

The Kitchen Work Triangle

The three main work zones of Storage (refrigerator and pantry), Preparation (sink and worktop) and Cooking (hob and oven) should form a triangle. However, the various zones should not be positioned too far away from each other — you’ll have to take too many steps while preparing a meal. Here are some configuration options.

This facilitates minimal movement within the work zones, as everything is kept within the two opposite sides.


Chicago Kitchen Bosch 800 Series

L-shaped kitchen: Best for corners in small-to-medium sized spaces

This allows for traffic flow through the kitchen, without disruption to the work zones.

L Shaped Kitchen

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U-shaped kitchen: Best for large spaces

This gives plenty of countertop space, and if you have a wide “U” layout, you can even integrate a central kitchen island.

U Shaped Kitchen

U Shaped Kitchen

Island kitchen: Best for entertaining and open spaces

This gives you more flexibility, as the island unit can not only be used as a Preparation or Cooking zone, but also to serve food. It can also work as a design feature to become the showpiece of the home.


Thermador 2015

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