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Millennials don’t compromise with anything, and for that precise reason these relocatable homes are the perfect solution for the restless generation. Buildable, compact, and highly efficient (the generation Y cannot live without Internet or in an environment where energy consumption has a negative impact), the concepts that have developed around this housing system have evolved a lot over the last years.

It seems that the business of the “tiny” houses is here to stay and offer interesting options to those who, just like the hermit crab, want to take their home with them anywhere they go.

La Cuisine International

Traveling with the home

In that sense, the company Timbercraft has found a different edge on this matter. Along with the travel agency Everywhere Travel Co. they have created interesting options for nomad millennials who, either don’t want to settle down or whish to travel with the comfort of home.

With that in mind, Timbercraft designed 6 models of “tiny house,” with the smallest option measuring 15 square meters, which can be acquired starting at 42,000 dollars approximately.

Without sacrificing the characteristics that make traditional homes comfortable and endearing, Timbercraft minimized the space of the same. Easily movable, they aim to become the trailers of the 21st century, but with the “home sweet home” look. Besides, their manufacturers say that they are the ideal solution to move to another neighborhood without experiencing the tiresome process of searching for a house, making renovations, and acquiring a mortgage that makes everything more difficult, especially for the youth.

La Cuisine International

Self-sufficient and customizable

These small mobile homes are fully self-sufficient. They not only have solar panels that allow them to have electricity, but also a water management system. Two things that are a must for the millennial lifestyle.

As if that wasn’t enough, these homes can be customized according to the requirements and budgets of each owner (some of them are even furnished). So, you can choose from a variety of construction materials for the outer coating and the interior characteristics. Thinking about customers with different needs or desires (and higher budgets), Timbercraft includes options to customize the chimney and curved ceilings.

Additionally, Every Travel Co. will offer these wonderful constructions to its millennial customers as an option for holiday accommodation. The agency also has plans to negotiate with Airbnb – the online accommodation network- to offer these homes as part of their innovative system of accommodations for tourists.


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