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Spring is coming and with it, the desire to renew everything in the house, and of course, the kitchen is no exception. So, here are some ideas if you want new airs to settle in the busiest area of the home.


A sustainable kitchen


If the kitchen is the place with the highest consumption and traffic in the house, it makes sense to adopt practices and technologies that make it as sustainable and ecological as possible. And this includes everything from using environmentally friendly and highly resistant materials to reduce replacement frequency, to choosing faucets that control water consumption, energy-efficient appliances, and dimmers. Also, adopting a compost bin can be a smart solution to organic waste. (Also read 5 ideas that will make your kitchen sustainable in 2022).


Art in the kitchen


Here we are not only talking about gastronomy but also about dressing the kitchen walls with artistic works. Vinyl wallpapers are a great option to cover the walls without fear of the grease or humidity that comes in all kinds of presentations. There are even companies that can print the paintings that you love in a large format, so you can add plenty of personality to your kitchen with a little imagination, and a good color combination.


Dressed in green


Say no more. Having aromatic herbs on the countertops -if you are fortunate enough to have good sunlight in the kitchen- is a wonderful option. Plants will always bring a lively, updated feel into this space. Besides, the pots will reveal your personality: from the most unusual colors and shapes to the traditional clay or wicker pots, there’s no such thing as having too many plants.


Using color block


Combining several colors is a thing of the past. For 2022, the trend is monochromatic. Choose a light color if your kitchen is small or has little natural light, or if on the other hand, you have a larger space or a more daring personality, opt for a bold color such as red, bottle green, or cobalt blue. Paint, coat, or use wallpaper to renovate this popular space.



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Less is more


This seems like an obvious premise, but especially this year, the fewer items you’ve visible in the kitchen, the better. Plan your design to have enough storage space and hide as much as you can from the view. Also, focus on making your kitchen look sleek, tidy, and organized. It doesn’t matter if you can’t change the decoration, applying this tip can be the key to renovating and modernizing your kitchen.


As you can see, no major investment is necessary. Just a few touches, imagination, and willpower will make your kitchen ready to bloom this spring. (Also read 5 decoration trends that will take over kitchens in 2022).


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