Petit House: the sustainable way to live anywhere you want



Petit Place is more than a small modular home of sustainable construction. The home designed by RoosRos Architects is the solution to live anywhere you want. This home complies with the requirements of the principles of collaborative economy since it’s ready-made using construction kits with wood elements that are easily assembled.

To please different tastes, RoosRos Architects created a variety of different types of homes with floor plans that range from 25 m² to 1,000 m². The idea is to allow whoever acquires the assembling kits to “live outside of the network” with the basic comforts.



Many innovations in the same home

The design is characterized by a well-thought combination of open and closed spaces that unite in a natural way. The home is divided thanks to the strategic positioning of the elements.

Petit Place is a set of innovations gathered in the same place. The exterior, floor, and ceiling, for example, have been isolated with ISO flax, a natural product made of old linen with an RC of 7+. The façade is built based on a grid of wood elements that have been isolated in a Gore-Tex foil that absorbs water and protects it from the wind. Another interesting detail is the fact that the window frames are made of sustainable materials and Iroko with triple glazing.



On the exterior, Petit Place has solar panels that generate approximately 9,000 kWh per year, which represents 3 times more energy than what the house really needs. This smart coating acts as a generator, so it has been called the “Power Plant.”

The objective of Stefan de Vos, the architect from the firm that designed Petit Place, was to create sustainability “that gives something back.” “This can be seen in low monthly bills, the fact that surplus energy is created and in the creation of a healthy living environment thanks to breathable cladding and ‘good’ materials. Living in a Petit Place is not just good for you; it’s also good for the planet.”

The prototype of Petit Place is located next to the water tower in Zwijndrecht (Netherlands) with views of the three-rivers-point. This buildable home was designed to be built anywhere. All you have to do is download the floor-plans, find a place where you can build it and then, voilà! You have a simple and beautiful home, and what’s even more important, one that is kind to the environment.


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