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Whether you are in a new home or looking to renovate your current one, the kitchen will always be a good place to start, as it is the most used space in the house, and where most of the family’s social life takes place.


Following are the decoration trends that can transform the heart of the house into a display of modernism and good taste.



Organic and rustic


Wood will always be a good choice. In any of its tones, or combining more than one, wood always brings warmth, style, and that feeling of familiarity to a space. The innovation lies in the way it is implemented. Far from the rattan furniture of the 80s, or the heavy doors combined with forged iron, the proposal is to include wood with an Asian style. That is, with smooth panels without handles on the doors, with vinyl coverings on surfaces that can get wet, as well as color combinations, bowls, and matching tableware.


Wood can be used not only for doors and cabinets; you  can also attach veneer panels to walls or ceiling beams. All this brings the vibe of forest cabins to any city home.


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Glass, the illusion of light and space


Replacing a wall with a floor-to-ceiling glass panel, or enlarging the windows, are options that give the illusion of a bigger kitchen and bring plenty of light and ventilation into it.


This can happen by opening the space to the dining room or the garden, if you have the privilege, bringing the beauty of the outdoors inside the house, refreshing the activity of the kitchen.


To avoid more work if you choose this option, it will also be necessary to install a good extraction system and non-stick glass, an investment that will be compensated by the entry of natural light and the wonder of enjoying your coffee with a view of the garden.



A breakfast bar for everyone


The inclusion of a breakfast bar in the kitchen can only bring benefits. This is a great solution for informal family meals, such as dinners and breakfasts, or an auxiliary space to serve snacks or brunch. It can also be used as an extra space for preparations, cooking, and even for children to do homework under the watchful eye of their parents. Since the idea is based on high tables with benches, the investment of space is minimal, and depending on the materials and colors chosen, it can go unnoticed or become the protagonist of the kitchen.


So, all kitchen renovations take a little creativity and investment, but the results are well worth the effort.


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