Nestron Cube Two, when size doesn’t matter


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Size doesn’t matter when you can combine all the comforts and technology you may need in a reduced space. But if in addition to all of the above, this space has style, aesthetic sense, and even ecological shape, there is nothing left to say: we are in front of the house of our dreams.


This is the premise of Nestron Cube Two compact housing, a company that designs prefabricated housing that can be installed anywhere by the buyer, just like a mobile home of the future.


Taking the house with you seems to be the main advantage of the Cube Two – Nestron houses. On their website, it is possible to find different models of housing to accommodate 1, 2, or four people in capsules that are shipped all over the world and that can be adapted to be self-sustainable.



With all the amenities

In the case of the C2 -to name one of its models- up to four people can live comfortably in a space of 26 square meters. The house consists of two bedrooms, a closet, bathroom, living room, dining room, bar table, and integrated kitchen, all spaces have skylights in the ceiling to enjoy both natural light and night views, giving the feeling of a larger space. All spaces are used to provide maximum storage and the design is based on Scandinavian minimalism.


Considering the reduced space, these houses include all their furniture, built with resistant materials such as vinyl or fiberglass that fit the demanding measurements of the space and are easy to maintain and clean. The construction standards can be adapted to the regulations of each country and the colors of the internal design can be ordered as desired.



Sustainable and Smart

La Cuisine International

The Cube Two – Nestron homes have solar panels to supply energy for the daily consumption of all appliances, including heating. The single version includes electric blinds, a built-in sound system, a digital door lock, and heating. However, the rest of the appliances can be ordered as part of the custom design.


Regarding drainage and water consumption, the Cube Two – Nestron houses need to be connected to the systems of the place where they will be installed, so the construction company offers the service of finding a local contractor for the customer.


Also, everything related to Smart Home systems is currently under development through an application called Canny. This allows you to manage everything related to the house remotely.


The company from Singapore is committed to promoting these housing solutions that are quite economical (the Cube Two – Nestron has an approximate cost of $60,000) as an option in the face of overpopulation and environmental pollution. All framed in a proposal with a futuristic and classic aesthetic that due to the simplicity of its lines can be adapted to almost all tastes.


What do you think – do you see yourself living in a super-compact house like the Cube Two?


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