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Living amidst a green paradise with all the comfort of the city is already possible in China. Italian architect Stefano Boeri is responsible for an incredible project whose main objective is decreasing the pollution levels of the Asian country.

The “Forest City”, as Boeri’s proposal is known, will be a residential complex covered by vegetation. With almost a million plants of more than 100 different species, along with 40,000 trees, which will absorb an estimate of 10,000 tons of carbon monoxide and 57 tons of pollutants. However, one of the most important figures for lovers of green constructions is the fact that the city will produce 900 tons of oxygen per year.

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Even if this “Vertical Forest” is a challenge for the studio Stefano Boeri Architetti, SBA, the idea isn’t new. This studio is famous for its constructions of “vertical forest” towers in countries such as Switzerland, Italy, The Netherlands, and China.

The residential complex that will accommodate close to 30,000 people, will be built in Northern Liuzhou, in the mountain region of Guangxi, located in the southern part of China. The project of the office of urban planning of this municipality will have an area of 175 hectares and will be located along the Liujiang River.


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100% environmental

The “Forest City” will be a combination between ecology and technology. This residential complex will help decrease the temperature and improve the quality of local air. For that purpose, the project will build natural noise barriers, generate habitats for all kinds of species, and improve the biodiversity of the region.

But not everything will be “green,” since this new city will be fully wired to use new technologies, connecting Liuzhou through a line of fast electric trains, aside from having several commercial and recreational areas, as well as two schools, and a hospital.

Additionally, architect Boeri indicated that this green city will be a fully self-sufficient urban settlement in terms of renewable energies. Therefore, it will have geothermal energy for climate control and the buildings will have solar panels on the roofs. The project will begin this year (2018) and is expected to be finished by 2020.


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