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When the firm Nice Architects presented their prototype for the Ecocapsule eco-homes at the 2015 Lexus Design Award, everyone thought it was a good and creative idea, but nothing more. However, the Slovak company has recently announced that the international launching of mass production of these mini-homes, which are proof that living in 10 square meters with just the basics is possible.

The firm of architects with headquarters in Bratislava informed that they will initially manufacture 50 units of their mobile homes to be available by the end of 2018. Considered as an innovation in the world of isolated homes, the Ecocapsule eco-homes are self-sufficient and sustainable.

These small homes generate their own electricity using solar and eolic energy, which makes them the best option for travelers, researchers, photographers, nature lovers, and young couples.


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With everything in mind

Nothing in these homes was left to chance. Their oval shape, for example, allows efficient rainwater and dew collection.

Its design also allows to maximize the solar gain through solar cells with a surface of 2.6 square meters. Besides, it comes with a 750W wind turbine in a retractile pole to satisfy your energy needs with a battery of 9744Wh.


La Cuisine International


Small and with all the comfort

The Ecocapsule is a highly compact mobile home with all the requisites to live with the basics. It has enough space for a bed, plenty of storage space, a place to work, a kitchen, and a toilet. Its creators explained that the storage space has been designed to adapt to sports and research teams.

Shaped like a bubble or egg -depending on how you look at it- this mobile home is made in steel and fiberglass. The Ecocapsule measures 15.32 feet long, 7.22 feet wide and elevates up to 14.76 feet in height. That makes it easily transportable with a container. In fact, the first complete unit was transported up to the roof of the UNIQ building in Bratislava using a helicopter.

So, the future is telling us that we could live anywhere, because technology will adapt to the environment, integrating with the same without causing any harm. This bubble that allows you to live anywhere you want is proof of that.


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