Large Windows, pros and cons of a naked home


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Replacing walls with large windows is a trend that is becoming increasingly popular in design and construction. However, we must carefully consider the implications of undressing our home.


An invasion of light. Large windows offer the possibility to enjoy an abundance of natural light during days when the temperature is cool, thus reducing electricity expenses.

Natural heat. During the winter months, a sunny day can also bring a bit of natural heat depending on the thermal insulation of the glass windows.

Amazing views. Large windows are generally located in buildings that have the privilege of offering luxury views, either of the city, the forest, or the sea. If that is not the case, the investment may not be worth it.

A variety of options. When it comes to installing large windows, there are many options in terms quality, color, costs, and safety. Regarding costs, they are based on the material of the profiles, which can be wood, PVC, or aluminum (from the most expensive to the most affordable); the soundproof quality of the glass, its thickness or shielding, and its thermal insulation. In relation to the color, the same goes from transparent to tinted glass in shades of mauve, blue, or another color depending on preference.

Limitless amplitude. The absence of a wall portrays the visual sensation of a wider space that seems lighter and offers the same visual illusion of mirrors, which is a clever idea for small rooms.


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Privacy at stake. Unless the house is in a secluded location or the window is oriented towards an inner garden, large windows expose the home to the prying eyes of outsiders, thus needing curtains or blinds to mitigate that effect.

Permanent maintenance. Glass is extremely vulnerable to dust, dirt and even stains from water spotting. To show a glass wall with dignity, it must be cleaned constantly to avoid the reflection of the light on the unwanted impurities that easily form on the same, preventing you from enjoying the view.

Greenhouse effect. If the glass lacks thermal insultation, the heat that will accumulate in the rooms during the summer won’t be pleasant. This is an important aspect to consider during the design of the project.

Certainly, the trend of undressing our homes with large windows is a tempting choice due to all its benefits; however, it would be wise to consider all these aspects to achieve a successful project.


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