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Landscaping has been a tool used to integrate nature to large architectural works in an aesthetic, controlled, and functional way. It converts empty areas, or daily use spaces, into extraordinary works of art that generate cultural belonging and growth.

The etymology of the word landscape refers to the root land, that means country and that it refers to a delimited region. So, the term landscaping, literally means “to do country”. Figuratively, it means generating spaces that identify a place, creating a sense of belonging for its users by its relation with beauty. Strictly speaking, it refers to intervening a delimited space using various gardening and design techniques to create a controlled environment of beauty and ecology.


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The spouses

Generally, a landscape work is created from the interaction between two artists: the architect and the landscaper. The first one conceives the work as part of the general structure of the construction and the second designs it with specific details providing guidelines on the most favorable materials and conditions to make it sustainable over time.

Landscapers perform various tasks throughout the process, from planning and designing, material and input management, and measuring the impact of the work, taking into account the subsequent maintenance.

Common goods
In order to achieve a landscape work, designers use basic elements of architecture: focal points of vision, color and texture combination, and local materials that resist the impacts of the weather. They also use various contributions from ornamental gardening, such as stones of suitable shapes and colors, irrigation and lighting systems, plants of various sizes and roots of greater or lesser depth or thickness depending on the work space.

The benefits
Like any successful couple, design and gardening provide -through landscaping- several benefits, both to the community and to the very work in which it is implanted. Humanizing spaces, refreshing the environment, offering spaces for social and cultural exchange, are often sources of sustainable energy if they are intervened with solar panels or windmills, and can be places of learning and development of urban agricultural activities.

This branch of design is becoming increasingly important in the planning of urban and rural works and is emerging as a rapidly growing business area for the years to come. Without a doubt, a very successful relationship.


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