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For architects and designers, the illumination of a space is a topic as important as the materials, colors, and furniture chosen. The case is that in terms of creating a style and generating a specific atmosphere, the light is the key.

Thinking about the correct answer for this need, it doesn’t come as a surprise that architects have dedicated their time, creativity, and knowledge to create pieces of art that add sophistication and expand the beauty of buildings, rooms, and spaces in general.

That is how these lamps are signatures for their creators, being able to reveal essential aspects of their work, as well as their aesthetic preferences. So, thanks to these lamps you can get to know the artistic line of a specific architect, and here are some good examples:


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The minimal liquid

Argentinean architect Santiago Orionte can demonstrate his love for minimalism, the synthesis of design and pure lines through his collections Minimal and Liquid [Mínimo y Líquida] where the light is the main character, providing and elegant and practical twist to the illumination of spaces. The main references of the young architect are German industrial designer Dieter Rams, whose work for the brand Braun was crucial in the 60’s and the English Jonathan Ive, current Vice-president of Design of Apple.

Aria Suspension, ethereal elegance

Zaha Hadid is known around the world for her important pieces, so her lamps had to be, at least, incredible. Her line Aria Suspension reveals the inclination of the artist for curves, along with the need to integrate outdoor and indoor spaces in a diffuse borderline, as well as her rebellion in the face of symmetry, creating a spectacular work that can be immediately identified with the creator based on its characteristic aesthetic.


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Lorosae, timeless simplicity

Lorosae, the line of lamps of Master Álvaro Siza reveals a feature present in his architectural work: The quality to make a complex and timeless piece seem simple. The Portuguese architect is the father of more than 50 pieces with a common detail: Timelessness and simple lines. This lamp designed in 1999 for an exhibition at the Basilica Palladiana in Vinceza, shows a simple line that gives relevance to light, and due to its simplicity, can work in multiple environments and eras.


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Classic irreverence

The Danish architect and industrial designer Verner Panton was one of the most influential figures in the field of furniture design at the end of the 20th century. His contemporary, colorful, fun, and utilitarian design turned him into an important reference for new generations. His classic piece FlowerPot, designed in 1969, captured the irreverent spirit of the Flower Power era, and the piece became a classical signature that set a trend in decoration throughout time, becoming a current tendency. All his pieces (among them his lamps) aimed at providing a touch of color to the location or space of choice to break with the monotony.

In sum, beyond creating an atmosphere and providing style to a space, utilitarian elements such as lamps can be a declaration of principles from the artist you choose to illuminate your home.


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