Kaleidos and Vanilla, the “Up & Down” hoods of Faber


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All the kitchens of the world owe Faber the cooker hood. This Italian brand leader in ventilation found in 1950 the solution to stagnant odors in this room of the home. Today with more than half a century of experience, Faber dares to innovate again with two models of extractor hoods that are the delight of interior designers and homeowners. The reason why is easy to deduce, Kaleidos and Vanilla. The “Up & Down” of the brand’s family of hoods are a clear sign of Faber’s premise of “form follows function”.

These extractor hoods from the Italian brand feature not only interesting technological innovations, but both have an aesthetic proposal that makes them more than a utility appliance. It makes them into pieces that bring beauty and personality to the design of any modern kitchen.

Both models instructed in the “Up and Down” technology line – that enables them to lower the powerful extraction unit towards the cooking station when necessary and to return it to the ceiling when not in use – Kaleidos and Vanilla differ initially in their aesthetic concept.


Beautiful hoods, quality air

Faber’s Kaleidos hood has an elegant and modern black fabric curtain which houses a stainless steel extraction unit. So the coolness of the metal and the softness and sophistication of the dark fabric come together to create an extractor of unique design and modern air provided by the optical game produced by featured LEDs lights.


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Although the structure of the Vanilla model is the same as Kaleidos, in this hood the extraction unit lies inside an opaque white glass that surrounds the shell. This white glass, textured by a soft wave design that surrounds the whole unit, filters the light from the inside and produces a beautiful light effect.

Both units are equipped with:
 F-light technology.
 Energy diffuser that favors the efficiency of the hood in the presence of air in the outlet of the duct.
 Sound power of 4 dB (A) which reduces noise by half.
 4-speed electronic control.
 Each of the models offers easy adjustment and quick fixing of the plate to the ceiling.

With these hoods, Faber once again provides practical, creative, and aesthetic solutions to the needs of consumers and meets its basic objective: to provide clean air and unique style in the kitchen.


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