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Whenever we talk about good coffee we immediately think of Colombia or Brazil, and even Italy. But only those who know that really “good coffee” goes beyond the raw material understand why Switzerland is in the top of mind of baristas around the world. That is why Jura has dedicated 20 years of its history to perfect and simplify the art of making that morning nectar.

This Swiss brand, that has earned its position as a leader in the market of coffee machines, has specialized in making its alchemical processing a much faster and easier process without taking away the quality of the final product. Thus, any model of the Jura machines is not only a luxury appliance that ensures the perfect morning coffee, but a piece that decorates and embellishes the kitchen of any home or establishment.

Jura is also recognized for its dedication to total perfection. The brand has at its disposal a complete team of engineers who think and re-think every model they put on the market in order to create machines capable of dispensing – with just the push of a button – the right measure of coffee, water, and milk; that will make an Expresso or Capuccino something really memorable.





Undoubtedly only the mix of high technology combined with the wise art of the barista generated the revolutionary process of extraction by cycles (Pulse Extraction Process, P.E.P.®) that is featured in the Jura machines. Thanks to this, the extraction time for each preparation is optimized, guaranteeing the maximum aroma and flavor even in the shortest specialties. These coffee machines have also incorporated an innovative technology of vaporizers that allow preparing at home those delicious specialties with milk that require compact foam and very fine bubbles, which will have nothing to envy of those offered in the most elegant trendy coffee shops.

Always thinking about the needs of the final user, and the wave of home connectivity in which other brands have wagered, Jura has also created software that will undoubtedly revolutionize the enjoyment of coffee. Its engineers have developed an application for smartphones that allows that the preparation of any specialty, only with touching a screen. And if that was not enough, the application saves preferences and personal cravings. This means that from the comfort of your studio, you can ask your machine to make coffee in the kitchen, that Ristretto you really need to keep working.

But don’t believe that everything is technology. No. Jura emphasizes that its coffee makers are also beautiful. An austere but elegant architecture, carefully chosen lines that reflect the quality and precision of the Swiss tradition are, roughly speaking, the features that define its design.


Federer JuraAnd if there was a piece missing, the brand found in the laureate Swiss tennis player Roger Federer a perfect pivot to give human form to its philosophy and the best ambassador of the corporate values that define it. The tennis player, whose game has made him the king of the courts, has made since 2006 the perfect match with the brand that reigns in the preference of the most demanding coffee lovers. (See Jura spot with Federer)


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