How to take advantage of neuroarchitecture in the midst of confinement


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Neuroarchitecture  certainly is a great tool to occupy our minds and channel our energy during the days of confinement. But what is it exactly and how can it help us? First, we must say that it’s part of neuroscience, and that it basically seeks to create spaces that bring happiness, wellbeing, and productivity to the people who occupy them.

At this point you may be wondering how you can do this? Well, by moving around some things in the different environments of your home that may be causing you anxiety, depression, or discomfort without you being aware of it.

Now that we must be at home, you may have noticed how there are areas in your house where you prefer to be at and others that you reject or avoid. This is a particularly good opportunity to implement some neuroscience tips applied to design and architecture to turn certain spaces into places where you can find harmony and give interesting touches that promote productivity to those who will use them as an office.

Make it green

One of the most interesting claims of neuroarchitecture is the use of color. For example, interior decorators and architects who use neuroarchitecture often use green to create relaxing and harmonious spaces. Recently, in an interview for the magazine revista AD, the architect and interior designer specialized in neurodesign and passive housing María Gil, stated that although color is one of the most economical, easily manipulated and effective dimensions to change the perception that our brain has of a particular space, incorporating natural  decorative elements and organic textures, also helps and provides a sense of wellbeing.

That explains why, in a very intuitive way, our mothers and grandmothers used to place flowers and plants in some areas of the house. However, the architect explains that, aside from generating beauty, the reason for this is to filter out pollutants. “Our genetic information is modeled to live in nature, outdoors,” she said.

However, if the space is reduced or if due to confinement buying plants is not an option, the expert in neurodesign indicates that painting a wall green or putting a photograph of nature has the same effect. “For example, if we paint the ceiling of a light blue shade, the brain automatically associates it with an open space, which right now would be wonderful.”


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Reorganize the kitchen

A change in the cabinets, shelves, and even a general reorganization of the kitchen, will not only give your brain something different to think about, but also generate a renovation that would create positive sensations.

Where do you start? Well, begin with the simplest: cutlery, silverware, and pots. Ask yourself if you are in the most suitable place to serve or near the table. In the case of pots, it’s always recommended that they are as close as possible to the stove. Here you can also apply a reengineering and organize them based on their use, so you will have the ones you use most often closer and the others, at the end of the drawer or cabinet.

When it comes to the decoration, you can also bring some neurodesign into this space by placing cookbooks, paintings, posters, or a cheerful photo that you like. This will give character to this area and make you enjoy what you create in it.


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Open space for your work at home

  After working in bed or at the kitchen table for several weeks, we guarantee that you that you will hate that place (without even mentioning what it will do to your back). So, if from now on your home will be an extension of your work environment, it’s best to open up your mind to having to work there.

The first thing to do is to find a space that is illuminated, ventilated and quiet, where you can concentrate. Try not to locate this space in your room or kitchen. If you have a small house or apartment, it is best to define a space in the living room where you can set a table with what you need (computer, books, papers, phones, etc.)  and, above all, have a good chair.

If you have no choice but to work in your bedroom, it’s advisable that you are as far away from the bed as you can, and that you disconnect everything related to it when you finish working. In this regard, María Gil advises to incorporate table lamps, vases, pots, pens and pencils or candles with rounded shapes and, above all, a plant to soften the straight lines from the table and work materials.

As you will see, finding the positive side of being at home and giving a different scope to the space that we have, can make this current situation something more bearable.


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