How to introduce Pantone’s 2023 color in the kitchen


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Having a trendy kitchen is actually simple. When it comes to what’s fashionable choose what suits you best, because changing completely this area of the home every year is not practical either.


However, Viva Magenta, the tone chosen as Pantone’s 2023 color, allows us to give a naughty and renovated air to our old kitchen. Obviously, this is a color that you must know how to combine and include in the style you already have or want to recreate with it.


So, how do we manage to introduce such a bold hue in our kitchen? Being clever about it and relying on good taste.


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4 ideas to add Viva Magenta to your kitchen


As usual, we want you to enjoy everything related to the kitchen, so here are 4 simple ideas that will help you integrate the new Pantone color to the heart of the home.


  1. The magic of details. As we already mentioned, Pantone’s color of the year will allow you to add a fresh look to the kitchen. This is a color that’ll make you analyze and reevaluate what you already have, what’s missing and what seems outdated now. With this in mind, the invitation is to begin by taking a general look at the room.


A pot with aromatic herbs here, a vase there, a lamp and even glassware on display, can be the details that bring the magic of this color to your kitchen. Good taste should be the guide to decide on the number of items to be included.


  1. The charm of the furniture. The kitchen has become a multifunctional space. Therefore, taking advantage of the new color trend to add a touch of intensity and energy through chairs or a pantry that breaks the monotony of the space created, is a blessing that you can take advantage of.


  1. Include art. Art entered the kitchen a long time ago. So, turning to art to bring the Viva Magenta vibe into the kitchen is a smart way to add a touch of sophistication and charm.


  1. Walls that make a statement. Yes, this is the boldest and most daring idea of all. But think about it: A single wall in this color will bring life to the kitchen and allow you to separate the environment. You can also add details such as shelves, or simply art with frames that match the rest of the style of your kitchen.


However, you don’t necessarily have to introduce this color painting the walls. You can even do a test an try self-adhesive tiles with figures in this tone or simply give a unique perspective to your kitchen with a backsplash in an elegant mosaic-style design that includes this vibrant hue.


As you will see, the limit is always your imagination. So don’t be afraid of Viva Magenta, take advantage of it to give the latest look to your kitchen in 2023.


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