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A new year is approaching and with it, home preparations and renovations are the main topics at home. The kitchen has certainly become the priority as the place where the family spends most of the time together, and in recent years, the center of many daily activities.


As a result, things are changing in the kitchen since they have become the operations center of the house. More attention is being paid by architects, interior designers, and decorators to the distribution of colors, access to it, and the generation of versatility in this space.


After the pandemic, the kitchen is no longer just a place for food preparation and storage. Today, the kitchen is a place of work, leisure, and learning, a sort of workshop where children do their homework while answering a video call, and baking a cake at the same time.


So, to meet the growing needs of the family and help you adjust the kitchen to the new times, we have compiled a list of 3 basic ideas -but not traditional- that can serve as inspiration for you to redecorate, remodel or restructure the most important area in your home.


Welcome the screens into the kitchen

We know that watching TV is not advisable during meals, especially if you’re with your family. But screens can be a great companion – and even an assistant – while cooking.


Following a recipe from your favorite chef on YouTube while watching the process in full color and high resolution can be a fun and productive experience in the kitchen. Perhaps listening to music videos while cleaning or projecting the family photo album while entertaining guests. The key is to know how and for how long to use the screens as an asset.


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Green is trendy

Green is not a traditional color when it comes to kitchens. However, it’s now trending and seems to be here to stay. Depending on the shades and combinations, a kitchen painted green can look fresh and organic, or very elegant, but either way, it won’t go unnoticed.


For a fresh look, combining a light tone with wood, raffia, and plants may be ideal. But if you are looking for a sophisticated and elegant ambiance, a darker tone combined with metals is the right thing to do. It all depends on your taste and the size of the space (We invite you to read 4 Tips to have a trendy kitchen).


Light as the protagonist

In 2023, lighting will no longer be merely functional in the kitchen. Kitchens with recessed lighting that look more like a medical laboratory than a place to relax and sip a glass of wine are behind us.


In this sense, large lamps that take center stage, and in some cases include extractor hood function, are becoming popular in the decoration of kitchens. But this has to be complemented with a lighting system for work areas in several shades and intensities to add focus to the activities according to the priority of the moment. In sum, lighting will be key to developing the versatility of such a beloved space (Read also Let there be light in the kitchen).


We hope these tips will serve as a guide for you in this project to renovate the heart of your home, so you have it ready for 2023.



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