Gaggenau’s CM470712: A different coffee every morning  


Can you imagine having a barista at your disposal every morning? Well, Gaggenau’s CM470712 coffee machine is an exceptional choice that takes the coffee experience to the next level every day. But that’s not all. 

For those looking for the magical fusion of functionality and elegant design in their projects, Gaggenau’s CM470712 can become a key piece. This Gaggenau automatic coffee machine is a combination of innovative technology and clean, sophisticated forms, offering a wide range of personalized options to satisfy the most demanding tastes, whenever you want. 

Effortless customization 

The TFT touch display makes it easy to customize the perfect coffee. With 12 preset beverage types and the option to adjust the coffee strength, temperature, and milk volume, this appliance allows you to create your ideal coffee in seconds. 

With just a few taps on the screen, you can create each cup based on your specific preferences, ensuring that every morning becomes a personal coffee experience. 

Personalization function 

A standout feature of the Gaggenau CM470712 is its capacity to memorize up to 8 personalized drinks. This means you can save your favorite combinations and access them with a single touch. 

This translates into time savings and guarantees a consistent experience every time you prepare your favorite coffee. 

Dual capacity and smart alerts 

With the capacity to make two cups of the same beverage at the same time, this machine allows you to enjoy coffee with your guests without having to wait. Whether at intimate gatherings or social events, this feature ensures that everyone can enjoy their favorite coffee simultaneously. 

Plus, you’ll never run out of water, coffee beans, or milk without realizing it again. The Gaggenau CM470712 will alert you when water, coffee grounds, or milk levels are low, ensuring you’re never interrupted while brewing your beverage. This offers a smooth and seamless experience every time. 

Cleaning and maintenance?  

Keeping your coffee machine in top condition is easy with the automatic cleaning features of the Gaggenau CM470712. This appliance features automatic rinse programs when you turn it on and off, automatic cleaning of the milk system after every beverage is dispensed, and guided cleaning and descaling programs with step-by-step instructions on the display, so keeping your machine spotless is simple and convenient. 

In short, this Gaggenau coffee machine combines elegance, functionality, and user-friendly operation in one impressive package. Its customizability, smart alerts, and automatic cleaning features make it an exceptional addition to any kitchen or interior design space. If you’re looking to start your day with a premium coffee experience with style and convenience, this is certainly the perfect choice. 


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