Feng shui 101: the guide to have a harmonious kitchen


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Let’s begin by clarifying that Feng Shui is an ancient practice and not a chic decoration trend. Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophical system of Taoist origin, based on the premise of achieving a conscious harmonization between the individual and the surrounding space so the energies that circulate and concentrate in our homes or offices are the most beneficial for us.

Certainly, you can find plenty of information, and practical tips on how to decorate with Feng Shui. However, before making any changes, we recommend you get familiar with its basic principles, because Feng Shui is more than just placing plants in a well-lit place, or using mirrors to counteract negative energies.

And you may wonder how a philosophical system translates into the decoration and distribution of the elements in the house. The ideal scenario is to apply its principles from the beginning.

But, if this is not your case, we’ll help you understand how energies move and how to harmonize your spaces, focusing mainly on your kitchen, because according to Feng Shui, this is one of the most important areas of the home.


Everything in its place

The first thing you should know is that Feng Shui means wind and water. The oldest reference to it is a poem that talks about the connection between human beings and the environment. Thus, this is a system whose practice begins by organizing the areas where we live to create a balance between the natural world and its energies. In a house with good Feng Shui, the kitchen is the heart where family life begins.

To get started, you must know how to identify the main element of each room. In your kitchen, it can be the range/cooktop or the countertop where you prepare food. The most important area should always be away from the entrance and not be aligned with it. Besides, objects should have good support such as a wall; otherwise, they will be “suspended in the air.”

The harmonious balance we mentioned is achieved with the alchemy of the 5 elements: water, metal, earth, wood, and fire. Do you need clarity and precision? Use metal. Do you need motivation? Fire is the solution. For stability, you need earth, and water for fluidity or flexibility.


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All these elements can be introduced through furniture and objects made with these materials, aside from colors that convey the energy of the particular element. In 2023, decorators point to the return of wood with luxury finishes and natural elements that visually complement the textures. So if you follow this advice, you’ll be following this trend and bringing earthy energy to space.

To maintain balance, you must be careful with some combinations since some elements complement each other, while others destroy each other. So, knowing how to separate them to achieve harmony in your kitchen is important.


Organization as a premise

The cooking area (fire) should be separated from the sink area (water). Therefore, in an ideal scenario, your kitchen should have an island where the range/cooktop is located. If this is not the case, look for decorative or colored elements to delimit the spaces.

Take into consideration that wood fuels fire, so balance the space with the metal of your range/cooktop, or close to it, and include the earth element with items made of terracotta. You can add a finishing touch with plants since they are a vital element for good Feng Shui providing freshness to any environment.

In addition to metals, Feng Shui talks about having organization because a tidy space is a harmonious area where good energies flow. The latest trends in kitchen decoration are a reflection of this principle.

In 2023, we go back to larger cabinets, that are hidden, and better organized. The trend points to a minimalist decoration and plays with lighting to separate environments.  Even invisible kitchens, such as the Invisacook, help us to achieve this visual sensation of order and cleanliness. This year, kitchens are stylized, and the modern touch will be expressed in open spaces with very few decorative elements.

It is clear to us that good Feng Shui achieves the balance of the 5 elements in our environments, and if you are familiar with its principles, you can accentuate some elements over others. Whether it’s more energy with fire or more clarity of thought with metal, the advice is to add a little of everything to achieve the desired balance.


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