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The kitchen is the most welcoming place in the house. It concentrates the energy of the home, because it is the space in which the alchemical process of food preparation is carried out. Order here is therefore vital. From IKEA to the most famous interior designers in the world, everybody has theorized on the subject. Whether it is better to have nothing on the countertops, that you have to place the spices near the stove, or that the cupboards / cabinets must have lighting. We have gathered up trends and the most useful recommendations so that everyone can choose the ones that fit them best according to their space and possibilities.

Divide and conquer …clutter. Many decorators, including Abigail Edwards, point out that the best way to turn a kitchen into a functional and harmonious place is to divide the area according to tasks. This means that from the shelves to the appliances everything must be in a specific place. In short, we have to organize using common sense. For example, the area where food is prepared should be close to the cupboard where it is stored (condiments, canned goods, etc.). Cutlery, crockery, pots, and cleaning implements should be placed underneath the dishwasher, on top of it, and in its proximity. These simple changes will make the tasks to be performed in this sacred area of the home really easy and even fast, because everything will be located in a place that will streamline the dynamics.




Little in sight. Surely if you have a Jura coffee machine or one of those wonderful appliances from Smeg’s retro line, you’re sure to want to show them as if they were jewels. Interior designers, in fact, use them to create sophisticated looks in the kitchen. However, this must be done without exaggeration. That is to say, there must be only the minimum needed on the countertops, as well as the mostly used items. Otherwise your kitchen will become a gallery of artifacts and when making preparations everything will get complicated. A rule of design in this sense is also to place products and objects of greater use below the waist and above the head. This reserves the places of difficult access – like the bottom of the kitchen furniture or the upper shelves – for what is rarely used.

Another good idea, especially for those who like to show-off their pans, is using kitchen racks. There you can suspend them; they will be on hand while looking like decorative elements.

Order the invisible chaos. Although you are not seeing it, chaos in drawers is one of the things that make it the most difficult to work in the kitchen. Because in times of greater stress their existence becomes evident when they prevent us from getting what we are looking for. To avoid this, the trend leans toward shelves or cabinets with interior divisions. In this way you will have pots, pans, baking trays, as well as baking dishes, salad bowls, and refractory all in perfect order. Intelligent storage devices are also a good choice. They can even be of great help in the organization of the area where the spices or non-perishables are kept. Thus making the kitchen as practical as it is beautiful.




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