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Modular housing tailored to the user is already a reality in China thanks to the urban housing development of Iranian architect Nasim Sehat. The case is that now more than ever, large cities are asking for comfortable housing solutions, that are adjusted to the little space available and integrated to technology.

So, Slice is about housing solutions understood as plugins that the user can design, and rent based on their needs through a virtual platform.

Functional and colorful wagons

Slice is the answer of architect Nasim Sehat to the increasing need for housing solutions currently existing in China, offering short permanence and minimum expense and maintenance. As a review states on the architecture webpage Plataforma Arquitectura, Sehat believes that “people tend to have fewer properties, fewer belongings, fewer bicycles, even fewer devices and sharing the services. We are approaching a future in which new solutions for housing and working spaces are needed.”

Given this reality, its proposal consists of small and colorful wagons with specific functions: bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, and others that serve as connecting spaces. These wagons can be joined as blocks according to the user’s design based on its space needs and economic possibilities.

La Cuisine International

All this design, as well as the rental of Slice, is made through a virtual platform where the user makes a registration down payment and then the payment corresponding to the use of its Slice in a calculation based on the time of occupation and space used.

Utility above art

Nasim Sehat describes Slice as “a sustainable urban solution for connecting and reproducing that is people-centered, connected, self-controllable, and flexible.” It’s an option that responds to the basic needs for housing, leaving aside the possibilities of sociability and culture through the art that a classic house can provide.

In this sense, the benefits of decoration and design are, at best, minimalist, since the space provided by these “wagons” is not cozy for the exhibition of works of art or allows any possibility of personalization beyond the design of the space to be used, certainly due to its characteristic concept of temporary housing.


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