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Carlos Mota has a resume that speaks of multiple abilities and broad knowledge, but, first and foremost, he is certainly an advocate of color. Bold, witty and fun may be characteristics that define his personality, but when it comes to his work, he prefers to introduce himself as a CONSULTANT since he believes that the term includes everything: interior design, furniture, art, photography, etc.

But let’s go back to his resume. Decorator, photographer, advertising campaigns creative and producer, he has also been editor of publications as prestigious as Architectural Digest and Elle Decor. Born in Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela, his cosmopolitan soul has led him to explore the world, its tastes and colors. Thanks to this he has accumulated numerous experiences that he shares in two books that every lover of interior design must have: “A Touch of Style” by Assouline and more recently, “Beige is not a color” by Vendome Press.

Oh, because yes, he is also a writer.

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So, the 21st century definitely suits this man who seems to come from the renaissance. And he is also quite comfortable with social media. Just look at the amount of likes and comments that each of your posts on Instagram has.

Another of his skills is rubbing shoulders with the right people. His list of friends includes Valentino, Carolina Herrera, Tory Burch and even Princess Marie-Chantal from Greece. But he also knows how to pick his clients, so he can presume of being the creator of the style of the homes of David and Susan Edelstein in New York and Emma and Moon Askari in London, as well as being responsible for organizing special events for brands like Estée Lauder or Max Mara.

Oh yes, he’s quite a character.


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Loving color above all

The author of the book of the moment “Beige is not a color,” is not someone easy to locate. He can be one day in Miami or New York offering interviews or working with a famous client, and the next he can be found riding on an elephant somewhere in Asia, so getting this interview was almost a miracle.

“I just believe in color,” he openly says in this exclusive interview for    Inspiringgoogliving. Colors or colorful environments seem more cheerful to me and make life richer. I see them as more interesting and fun.”

These statements are part of the philosophy he develops throughout his new book. In that book, Mota presents a curatorship of his favorite colors, design projects, homes, countries, and jewelry. Also, in this “coffee table book” he presents, without making a fuss, some of his favorite projects from the interior designers who have influenced him. Simply put, more than a book, this is a guide to color and style.

He is quite clear about the source of inspiration for his work. “My inspiration about colors comes from my childhood and from the nature of Venezuela. Above all, the greens of the mountains, the palm trees, the sea, the orchids, the birds and even the fruits. Just like Da Vinci, I think that nature is a great source of inspiration for everything.”


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The subtle charm of the X-factor

For Carlos Mota trends are ephemeral, so in his work he favors a lot the style that, according to him, has an “X-factor.” The X-factor that is imprinted unto the essence of a person.

That’s why you don’t hear him talk about “emotional decoration.” “I believe in decorations that reflect a great part of the customer’s personality, either with their personal collections of art, furniture, objects, etc. So, it all depends on the person. Every person is a vast and different world, with its personal palette of preferred colors. Mine are green and purple, but I don’t impose them on anyone.”

When he tells us about how he faces the design of a space, Mota goes back to the above, saying “that each client is different”. That is, there are no preestablished formulas for him.

“I always pay close attention to what they have to say, about their ambitions regarding the end result and where do their inspirations come from. I ask them about their trips and their experiences, so we establish a communication about what is the final style they would like to have for their home.”

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When it comes to the decoration of a place as important as the kitchen, Carlos Mota states that since these are “the new living rooms,” he always tries to incorporate a good sofa, one that is very comfortable or a stool.” Today, this is the space where the family spends most of their time, so I always try to use things that make this place as comfortable as possible.”

This famous “consultant” who fiercely defends color and says that its use has some sort of a Prozac effect for our homes and lives, also points out that exaggerating can be terrible. “It all depends on how you mix the colors, if you go over the top with the use of color in many rooms it can be negative. With color it is better to start little by little, putting a little in the dining room, in the bathroom, or in the entrance of the house. The secret of elegance is moderation.”


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