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BIM stands for Building Information Modeling, a new program that marks a new era in construction. Experts in the field explain that, while AutoCAD uses only 2D or 3D geometry without differentiating elements, with BIM the architect can use libraries of smart and parametric objects, interpreting the environment, and storing that information for future use.

Thus, BIM not only saves the architect time and work, but also allows all the different professionals involved in a construction to work on the same project. This means that the software facilitates high-level interaction among collaborators, associates or colleagues, by allowing the sharing of specific contents of each specialty in the same model.
Not coincidentally, professionals say that this technology represents the greatest revolution since AutoCAD came in the scene in the 80s.


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A great example

Thanks to BIM all the information that an architect requires can be had in a single model: plans, info graphics, videos, measurements, the model for facilities and structural calculation, planning, etc., since what is generated in BIM is what was called the “Virtual Building” in AutoCAD, some 30 years ago. However, experts in the subject claim that today’s architects and designers use only a fraction of its potential.

In fact, many see this software simply as the latest vehicle to document the design. However, Japanese architectural firm Nikken Sekkei has recently shown that when exploited in full capacity, BIM is the best ally you can have.

Proof of this is the design for the Toho Gakuen Music School that this firm completed, which is without a doubt, a great example of a highly efficient and smart process. Using this innovative tool, Nikken Sekkei created an open space full of light, even maximizing the number of soundproof test rooms.

The architectural firm -that faced the challenge of having a restricted site in the Tokyo suburbs- created an ideal construction thanks to the fact that the software allows the use of environmental analysis tools. The Toho Gakuen Music School is therefore a combination of multilevel concrete cubes, separated by vertical open space bags that perforate the floor plates of the building to the ground, perfectly taking advantage of the space.

One of the contributions of the Nikken Sekkei approach is the fact that BIM allows the development of the architectural process with a designer’s mind-set. Therefore, the use of this technology is starting to impulse the practice of architecture towards new territories that will benefit us all in the future.


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