An out-of-this-world relaxation experience


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Space Perspective has unveiled the design of the first space lounge area, and it is out of this world. What seemed impossible is getting closer to becoming a reality: lounging and relaxing on a spacewalk.


While the image of space travel is characterized by a bright, and metallic environment where astronauts are crammed into a compact space cabin with very little freedom of movement despite being in zero gravity, the space travel offered by Space Perspective is more like a cruise where comfort and spaciousness are just as important as safety on board.


So, those brave enough to take a trip outside the globe will do so on a space capsule that’s suspended from a balloon and travels through space for 6 hours in an unparalleled experience. Are you up for it?



A luxury capsule


The details revealed by Space Perspective show luxury and first-class sophistication. Nine reclining seats can also be rotated and reconfigured to accommodate up to eight passengers plus the pilot. They all have preferential 360° views to enjoy the stellar spectacle through 1.5-meter-high panoramic windows that hold the record for being the largest on a spacecraft.


But if observing the planet from the outside isn’t attractive enough, the experience is complemented by a bar included in the capsule, where passengers can enjoy luxurious cocktails and sophisticated meals.

But there’s more. Seating can be arranged according to the event, as the capsule can be the location for a romantic dinner for two, a family trip, or even a small wedding. And because in this day and age, if there’s no visual evidence it didn’t happen, the entire capsule is equipped with Wi-Fi for live streaming and even a clear central space for taking group photos.



Capsula Space Perspective
© Space Perspective








3,2,1… launch!


A substantial difference between the Neptune capsule of Space Perspective and any other spacecraft of this type is that the spacecraft doesn’t take off but ascends when attached to the balloon. That is, the usual takeoff after an explosion that we have all seen on television is replaced by the smooth ascent of the capsule at 12 meters per hour. This means that the trip in the capsule is suitable for anyone who can take a commercial flight.


So space tourism is just around the corner, and will no longer be a privilege for astronauts, but for those who can afford it.


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