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The Amaravati project is certainly the most innovative and daring bet of British studio Norman Foster + Partners. The proposal for an administrative city in a state in India is not only full of buildings with impressive designs, but also conceives them as sustainable and environmentally friendly buildings.

In fact, according to Foster, Amaravati will be a large natural lung since there will be green areas in 60% of the city. The approach of the British studio is that, beyond creating a city that houses modern buildings, this architectural project becomes a prototype to follow in terms of sustainability.

Strategically located on the banks of the Krishna River, Amaravati will be a city that will drive non-polluting transportation concepts: electric vehicles, water taxis and cycle routes. The city of 217 square kilometers, in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India, will have two main buildings: The Legislative Assembly and the Superior Court.


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An Indian Central Park

One of the great inspirations of Foster + Partners for this project was New York’s Central Park. With this city lung in mind, the team of architects who developed this project came up with a large green backbone that will cross the city. A government complex will be erected at the end of it, which will house the legislative assembly, as a democratic and cultural symbol of Andhra Pradesh.

With a surface of 5.5 kilometers in length by 1 kilometer in width, this complex will be the heart of the city. The building, designed as a void, has a spiral-shaped ramp that leads upwards to a cultural museum and observation gallery. The entire building will be protected by a 250-metre-high conical roof that provides shade and allows the entrance of cool breeze.

Another relevant building within this project is the Superior Court. Located outside the central axis, it will be shaped with a stepped roof inspired by the ancient stupas of India (dome-shaped Buddhist shrines).

The structure of this building was also inspired by the traditional arrangement of these temples. In fact, the design consists of alternating concentric layers of rooms and circulation spaces. Also, the structure has a patio and a roof garden that allow the vegetation to penetrate the interior spaces of the building.

A neighborhood with multifunctional buildings structured around thirteen public squares will be developed to the south of the city, as a reference to the thirteen districts of the state of Andhra Pradesh. Designed to meet the highest standards of sustainability, Amaravati will have the most advanced technology when it comes to being ecological, such as photovoltaic energy. In this way, it will supply completely green electricity to public and private buildings.

The estimates for Amaravati are that by 2054 it will have a population of 3.5 million people, who will occupy some 5,000 middle-class family homes, and 4,000 of these homes will belong to government employees.



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