5 reasons for recessed lighting to become the secret ingredient


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The essential ingredient for any high-quality culinary work, with less risks and a better presentation, is good illumination that allows to prepare the dishes with the utmost precision.

However, since not everything comes to functionality and kitchen design is as important as a good plating, the light must be powerful and beautiful. Here we present 5 reasons why recessed illumination is like salt: It can’t be missing in your kitchen.

1. The best condiment is the one that can’t be seen

Recessed LED lamps in ceilings or kitchen cabinets offer discretion as an important advantage. In an environment that is usually crowed with different appliances and kitchen implements, minimalism in useful fixed items such as lamps is appreciated. For that reason, big lights are left behind, preferring an accessory that, aside from providing light, offers the elegance and simplicity that such an important and busy place requires.


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2. Leave Heat for the burners

The light in the kitchen must be only that, light. In a space with so many heat sources, the heat emitted by the yellow light of big lamps is annoying and excessive. The recessed lighting of modern designs uses LED light bulbs, also known as cold light, which contribute to a lighter and friendlier environment. Besides, if the lights are recessed into the cabinet, the close contact with the lamps will be more comfortable and less risky.

3. Balanced illumination
In the same way that the best dish is the one that includes all types of food, the best illumination combines different intensities and directions. Playing with recessed lighting on the ceiling, cabinets or countertops allows us to combine a discreet general light in the ceiling with other lights focused in those locations that are more functional or decorative, providing warmth to the space.


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4. The multiplication of the lights
May we never lack food…and light either! Downlight LED light bulbs used in recessed lamps have a duration of up to 50,000 hours, which translates into 5 years of continuous use without being turned off. Those savings can represent the purchase of that expresso coffee machine that would look amazing in the kitchen.

5. Variety is the spice of life
Recessed doesn’t mean boring. There are recessed lamps for every taste. From the more discreet to the adjustable straps to curved moldings, all the way to those that resemble ice cubes, exhibiting different shapes and textures. This type of illumination can adjust to any taste and design.

Illuminating the kitchen is an important task that can also be fun if all the options are explored at the time to bring the light into the operating center of the home.

The kitchen is the busiest space of a home. The best domestic experiences take place around the burners so, we must remember that each dish is seasoned by the light under which it is prepared.


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