5 Kitchen trends coming in 2018


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In January, KBIS will present the kitchen and bathroom trends for 2018 to architects, designers, and the public. Since this is just around the corner, we wish to present a preview of the 5 trends that will take center stage for the upcoming year.

The green kitchen

Environmental awareness is taking over. From the trend to buy organic food to eco-friendly appliances, the ecological factor is now essential in the kitchen. So, it doesn’t come as a surprise to find plenty of proposals of kitchens designed with natural materials for 2018. Textures leaning towards wood, metals, or stones will dominate this space. Handcrafted items will gain presence and substitute mass produced ones. Thus, we are talking about almost unique items and kitchens that are one of a kind.

Noble metals, gemstone colors

Undoubtfully, stainless-steel pieces will continue to prevail in appliances, knobs, and almost indestructible faucets. However, 2018 will end with many myths, the use of red brass or rose gold faucets is a strong trend. In terms of appliances and their colors, metallic colors are the boom. A perfect example is the Golden FAB refrigerator from Smeg, certainly betting on a change of schemes in the kitchen.

Dark is beautiful

Dark color palettes will be popular in 2018. Light and immaculate colors, which are difficult to maintain, are a thing of the past. The new kitchen designs play with combinations of dark grey and black, as well as navy blue, dark green, and shades of charcoal, along with the immortal black & white. So, it happens that dark colors with a touch of illumination, provide elegance and refinement to this important space of the home.

Open spaces

Open spaces that integrate the kitchen with the dining room, which have been the trend over the last years, will continue present in 2018. Nevertheless, this loft-type open plan seems to be expanding to offer more versatility and design flexibility. Therefore, an interaction is generated in the home, creating a social environment with greater mobility and variety of use as the same transforms the kitchen into a relaxed and less formal place.


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Natural light

Illumination is a focal point in the kitchen. Dishes and food require appropriate light not only to be appreciated but also to be well prepared. With that in mind, 2018 proposes floor to ceiling large windows as the source of illumination. These windows provide ventilation and create a feeling of visual spaciousness and sophistication that generates a special atmosphere.


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