5 Ideas that will make your kitchen sustainable in 2022


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Did you know that taking small steps or making changes in your kitchen can help you start 2022 by reducing your carbon footprint? Well, yes. Believe it or not, everything counts when it comes to creating a more sustainable way of life.


Recycling, reusing and choosing non-toxic materials, energy-saving light bulbs, and in general, betting on efficient appliances and objects that last are part of those small changes that, in the opinion of experts, if done on a large scale, will make the change we need to stop global warming and its consequences.


So doing our part, we’ve put together a list of 5 ideas that will help you make your kitchen a more sustainable space.


1st Idea. Natural light

Open kitchens are not only still a trend, but they also contribute to having excellent ventilation, and above all, natural light. So if you are about to remodel your kitchen, think about this.


There is no better decoration in the kitchen than natural light that makes everything look warmer and better. In addition, taking advantage of it will lower your electricity bill, which is an energy-saving that your pocket will appreciate as much as the environment.


2nd Idea. Prefer green paints

Let’s start by clarifying something. When we talk about “green paints” we are not referring to color, but ecological water-based paints.


Although these types of products are not the most economical, they will ensure that the pigments you put on walls, floors, or furniture in your kitchen are free of heavy metals, toxic or carcinogenic substances and that they don’t release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can affect you or what you cook in this area of the home.


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3rd Idea. Efficient appliances

Efficient appliances help you achieve significant savings in water and electricity. So when buying or replacing the appliances in your kitchen, choose whatever the label says is between B+ and A+++.


As important as the choice of efficient appliances, is to place systems that help in the saving or efficient use of water. In this sense, aerators in the sink faucets are the perfect solution to reduce water consumption in our homes.


4th Idea. Choose smart light bulbs

Great chefs say there’s nothing like bright, neutral white light for cooking. This is why LED bulbs installed under the cabinets to illuminate the countertop are an ideal choice.


This type of bulb can save 80% compared to halogen bulbs, but if you also choose smart bulbs, you can not only program them to turn on or off when you are away from home but also even monitor their consumption. Today, there are plenty of gadgets that help in this regard. Some of them connect with home automation systems such as Alexa or Siri, allowing you to lower or raise the intensity of the light, and even cook while listening to your favorite music.


5th Idea. Less plastic more glass

Changing plastic Tupperwares, glasses, plates, and cutlery for glass, metal, or recyclable materials is another of the bets you should make to make your kitchen an increasingly sustainable space. Likewise, replacing paper napkins with cloth ones is another gesture that the environment will be very grateful for.


In short, the point is to become aware that everything that harms the planet affects us, which is why every act, no matter how small, should be appreciated if it can lessen the impact we have on the environment.



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