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Let’s be clear about something: everyone wants a trendy kitchen. That is a fact. It’s no coincidence that architects and designers follow the trends of the market in terms of the use of materials, colors, textures, and even appliances, which seem to change every season.

And there are trends for every taste. From concrete countertops and brass faucets inspired in industrial design to ingenious spaces with open storage. Evidently, it all depends on the preferences of the client and its needs, and yet, we wish to share 5 details that will turn any kitchen style into something that’s definitely trendy.

La Cuisine International

1. Appliances with a touch of madness. No matter the style of kitchen that you have, from the most elaborate in terms of sophistication to the simplest and utilitarian, if you have a stylish appliance in the kitchen, the appliance will certainly make the difference.

In that sense, Smeg takes the lead. Either because you incorporate to your design one of their fabulous devices from the collection Sicily is My Love, which the brand designed along with Dolce & Gabbana, or if you include one of the appliances from the retro series FAB50, whose colors and style sets them apart from anything else, this brand will add a touch of distinction (or madness depending on your point of view) to your kitchen. And that, of course, is within the parameters of current trends.

2. Concrete countertops. Concrete is definitely in when it comes to kitchens. Even though marble and quartz countertops will never go out of style, what is currently trending is the industrial touch that cement adds to the designs.

Its popularity goes hand in hand with the success of the introduction of rustic and industrial styles into kitchens that some architects and designers have made, but in reality, concrete/polished cement can be perfectly merged into any design. Even though cement/concrete countertops or islands used to be produced in their original color, today there are colorful options with matte, shiny or very shiny finishes.

La Cuisine International

3. Everything out in the open. Yes, having things on display is fashionable today. Kitchens with open shelves or storage areas are trendy. Obviously, that means a lot of order, but it’s also a simpler way to optimize time in the kitchen, since everything is on display.

Evidently, that implies a very retro aesthetic where cabinets with dark interior, aged copper panels, or finishes in natural stained oak wood are the norm.

4. Vintage faucets. Even though the use of these faucets is a matter of taste, they are frequently found in many current kitchen designs. It’s part of a new country chic trend that recently became very popular.

Brands such as Franke have followed this trend, thus creating lines with the style. In the case of this brand stands out the beauty and delicate work of its line Farm House. The model FF7060a, made of solid brass in an aged copper color matches perfectly the current trend.

5. Butler sinks. Butler or Belfalt sinks have taken modern kitchens by storm. The trend has been promoted by the British architects of DeVOL who managed to position their English aesthetic quite well.

The studio has transformed sinks into art pieces since the trend aims at making them with a smooth polish single stone block (cement, quartz or marble), which tends to develop style in time.

If you can incorporate all these elements or just a few of them, remember that what is trendy can never be above what is functional or utilitarian in a kitchen, especially if you want to create a soulful space that gathers family and friends.


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