5 Decoration trends that will take over kitchens in 2022


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Kitchen trends in 2022 won’t be too far off from what we saw in 2021. While this season’s PANTONE color, Very Peri, may be seen in walls, fabrics, and ornaments to make a difference, the scales are still tipped towards an open concept and wood furniture.


However, that’s not the only thing happening. Since the pandemic, the kitchen was impacted, forever changing its concept of a “sanctuary for food preparation” (See also 5 ideas that will make your kitchen sustainable in 2022).


In this sense, the new trends that will accentuate this year indicate that we must prepare for the exclusivity of spaces to disappear completely.


5 trends, one space

There will be 5 trends that will take the kitchen by storm in 2022. So take note and get ready for them.


Trend #1. What’s integrated is here to stay

What used to be a space dedicated to the art of cooking and the enjoyment of eating has changed since the introduction of the open kitchen concept. This distribution gained more followers in the pandemic, thanks to telework.


That is why, nowadays, few don’t have kitchens integrated into the living room. Whether you have a small apartment or a large home, this architectural concept has become a way for the home to benefit by having a much more dynamic and functional space. Thus, the trend in 2022 will be new versions of kitchens open to the living or dining room to encourage interaction within the home and create a social atmosphere.


Trend #2. Natural materials rule

Wood, quartz, marble, and granite will be the lords and masters in this area. Wallcoverings, furniture, countertops, and flooring will lean toward these materials due to their easy maintenance and durability.


However, these materials, which are also trying to give a natural touch to the kitchen, won’t be alone. Fabrics and plants will do their part in terms of decoration, while glass, bamboo composites, and even clay will make their entry in the area of utensils and tableware.


In short, every day the boycott of plastic and non-recyclable products becomes stronger.


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Trend #3. No handles, please

This is a trend that will gain momentum in 2022. While the “handle-free effect” is very much in the spirit of zero contact, zero bacteria, it is nothing new.


Many appliances, such as microwaves, refrigerators, and ovens have been working with this trend and making it part of their hallmark. But as far as kitchen furniture is concerned, this will be a trend that will dominate in the years to come.


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Trend #4. Harmony through contrast

Contrasts between light and dark tones will be a trend in 2022 in kitchens. We will see Very Peri combined with woods, used in carpets and even backsplashes, but in this matter of contrasts, imagination and taste will be the limits.


We’ll see colors such as dark gray and black, combined with wood, glass, and metals, to create sophisticated spaces. But other colors in the range of green or close to nature will also have prominence in 2022 in some kitchen styles (See also 3 rules you should know before changing the color of your kitchen).


Trend #5. Bronze, copper, and black

In 2022, faucets will have great prominence, but more for the materials used in them than for the modern aerators.


Matte black, copper and bronze-colored faucets will substitute the once-dominant silver chrome. This means that we’ll see more daring sinks as far as the decorative aspect is concerned, since the materials they are made of also begin to displace the everlasting stainless steel to opt for options such as marble, and resin, among others  (See also Franke achieves the impossible).


The popular saying goes “from fashion, take what suits you best,” so in your kitchen, implement the trend that suits you in 2022. Don’t you agree?


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