4 Tips to have magazine-worthy integrated kitchens


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Integrated kitchens have been a trend for quite some time now. Why? Because they solve two problems: the lack of space in small homes and the need to spend time with guests while preparing dishes.


However, although this is a design that offers many advantages, the social aspect of it implies that we must consider certain important details that allow each space to fulfil basic functions both jointly and separately.


For that precise reason, we have prepared 4 tips that will help you achieve the dream of having a magazine-worthy integrated kitchen at home.


No 1. Delimit the space

The decision to integrate the kitchen with the dining room or other common areas doesn’t have to be permanent. Having the option of delimiting the space provides the sensation of greater organization and spaciousness.


This can be done by using folding, sliding, or swinging doors, large windows, screens, or simply a carpet under the dining room or a different floor to signal the change of area.



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No 2. Simplify the view

Regardless of how active the kitchen is, the tidier it is, the better. Especially taking into account that by integrating it, your guests will be able to see everything you do there.


So, in this case, storage becomes crucial. Thus, it is necessary to include as much functional storage space in the design as possible, and if you can, avoid handles and light fixtures that cut the panoramic view of the kitchen. The smoother the surface, the better.


No 3. Lighting

Light is essential in a kitchen and depending on how it is used, it can be an important decorative element. Using a lighting circuit with white and cold light for the most operative area of the kitchen, and another circuit of warm light in the most decorative points and over the dining room, can generate a warm atmosphere and at the same time, delimit the spaces.


In an open kitchen, island extractor hoods can be a great option for lighting and even be duplicated in the dining area.


No 4. Unify styles

In an integrated kitchen, the decorative styles of the dining room and work area should be unified. Using the same color palette as much as possible, and a similar line of furniture or the same materials will make the difference. This will result in more elegant, timeless, and functional decoration.


The integration of the kitchen into the common spaces of the house, such as the dining room or the terrace, can be a very wise decision if it is planned with  care of all the details and considering that this will become the most visited space of the home.


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