4 New Year’s resolutions in the kitchen


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Take advantage of the fact that 2022 has just begun to fulfill at least 4 of the hundreds of resolutions that involve the kitchen. Yes, of course, we know that you can’t overlook this space that provides you with so much joy or the diners who constantly visit it night and day (and one or two early mornings).


But before pleasing everyone else (this includes the kitchen per se), make yourself the center of these 4 resolutions and commit to fulfilling them in these first months of the year. Does it seem hard? Do you think that you probably won’t have time? Well, don’t worry. To make it easier for you, we’ve created a list of achievable intentions that will help you feel proud of yourself.


Are you ready? Let’s begin.


4 Things to do

The first thing we have to tell you is that La Cuisine International has created this list based on 4 basic desires: health, money, love, and organization (yes, nobody admits the last one, but EVERYONE wants organization, especially in the kitchen).


And since the last shall be first, let’s start counting down with this list in reverse order:


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  1. Organization

A well-organized kitchen is worth its weight in gold. And we aren’t exaggerating. In this space of the home, order and cleanliness are a must.


The trick to achieving this is to establish a routine that becomes a habit. For example, you can start by reorganizing the cabinets and pantry. This is an activity that can involve the whole family and become something to do on the first Sunday of every month.


Do you think it will be difficult to convince them? Try the following: make a list of things to do (clean the cabinets), organize the Tupperwares, plates, glasses, and cutlery, restructure the pantry (place, order of food, etc.) and offer rewards (bonuses for longer evenings out, extra time on social media, etc.). In short, make this activity fun and you’ll see that your kitchen will appreciate it and you will be able to fulfill this resolution to the fullest.


  1. Love

Cooking is an act of love, therefore, learning how to prepare a new dish that allows you to expand the menu, will make love flood the kitchen. But don’t be satisfied with just making a new recipe, learn techniques (poaching, stewing, etc.), set yourself new challenges, and bring out the real chef in you.


Finally, complete this New Year’s resolution by enrolling in a cooking course, or buying an appliance that will help you achieve it: a good oven, a warming drawer, or an extra freezer, for example.


La Cuisine International


  1. Money

Saving money and optimizing food-related resources is a very important resolution to start this year. Doing so can not only ease your finances but also allow you to lower consumption levels and make the most of your shopping.


But what’s the trick to saving in the kitchen? Here are some ideas:

  • Buy seasonal products.
  • Buy by units or grams, instead of by packs or kilos.
  • Take advantage only of the offers of what you consume.
  • Always make a list of what’s missing at home to the supermarket and stick to it.
  • Prepare weekly menus (especially if you shop once a week, this will encourage you to limit yourself to what is necessary, which will even help you to eat healthier).
  • Calculate portions so you don’t overcook.
  • Look at expiration dates so that nothing ends up being thrown away.


  1. Health

Changing the way you eat usually involves acquiring new habits and establishing fixed mealtimes. That is why this is the most difficult New Year’s resolution.


What can we suggest in this regard? Well, first of all, discuss it with the family and set rules regarding mealtimes. Make sure you also discuss the weekly menus and encourage a special meal suggested by each member of the family, proposing a day off with food that’s simple and easy to prepare. This way everyone will be involved in the process and the good habits you want to introduce will be better received, which will make your goal more attainable.


We hope that this list of 4 New Year’s resolutions in the kitchen will inspire you to make 2022 the year of change for the better in your home.




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