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The kitchen is the place where we spend most of our time when we are at home. Therefore, current design trends for this space lean towards making the kitchen a space with three basic characteristics: pleasant, spacious, and practical.

So, today we will share advice based on these characteristics.

Always pleasant

“Pleasant” is a broad concept that depends on individual perception. So, interior designers follow its most primary aspects to apply them to a space. That’s why referring to “pleasant” in terms of kitchens, means a well-ventilated, illuminated, and comfortable space. To achieve that we must consider the following:
• Color. The first aspect to consider is the size of the space available to choose the color. Even though it may not seem so, the color of the kitchen is very important, especially because it may be an advantage at times of little natural light. Thus, the basic notions of design suggest: The use of light colors to provide a spacious effect and add light to small spaces, and the use of dark colors to create ambiance in big ones.
• Natural light vs artificial light. Nothing compares to natural light. We all dream of having a sink in front of a beautiful big window that illuminates the whole kitchen. However, when that is not possible, or the weather is cloudy, the use of lamps to achieve this effect acquires relevance. Many of the current kitchen design concepts include an island/dining room. Installing one or more ceiling lamps to illuminate these areas is recommended to create a warm environment and to see the food clearly. Nevertheless, there is an important rule for their installation: Locate them at 70-80 cm over the table to avoid bumping into them.


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• Ventilation. As in the previous point, natural and artificial aspects have the same importance within the design. Although a window that provides natural ventilation is ideal, many times we need something else that prevents the kitchen from being contaminated by strong odors that could overpower the whole house. Luckily, brands like Best offer extraction solutions with hoods that are not only silent and efficient, but decorative, functional, and durable as well. In terms of kitchen ventilation, finding a hood that keeps a harmonious environment is essential.

A matter of space

A golden rule of interior designers is: “The size of the kitchen is proportional to the number of members of the family who live at home.” This rule makes this space the center of enjoyable gatherings, aiming at having the perfect size for the storage area and working space so those adapt to the needs of the family.
That doesn’t mean that small kitchens are not charming. They can be as functional as big kitchens, if you know how to choose the appliances based on its size and the optimization of storage spaces.


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The art of practicality

While a kitchen should be spacious and enjoyable, it must also be practical. But, what does that mean? Simple: It means the kitchen must have all the basic requirements so spending time there is a pleasure. In that sense, the appropriate choice of shelves, countertops, and appliances is vital to add practicality to the design. Luckily, there are multiple and modern options to do so. When it comes to shelves, it is important to include drawers and shelves equipped with muffled locking system that not only increases their safety, but also reduces the risk of smashing your fingers. Besides, the current market even offers remote control models.

For the countertops, choosing one that is easy to clean and resistant is essential. In that sense, the most modern trend are quartz surfaces with antibacterial protection that are beautiful and add to the design.

Finally, for the choice of appliances: The size, ease of use and cleaning, durability, and functionality are the features to be considered. If you like exploring the web and enjoying the advantages of apps such as Home Connect from Bosch -which allows connecting different Bosch appliances and soon from other brands- you just need to choose appliances that can be used with those systems and voilà! The kitchen of your dreams is born.


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