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If for you the kitchen is an enjoyable space, an oasis of relaxation to create works of culinary art, follow these commandments to make it a place worthy of the best chefs.

10. Thou shalt not destroy. A luxury kitchen should be built with sturdy materials, so we recommend silestone, marble, granite or glass coatings as they offer durability and ease of maintenance.

9. You will not get bored. As for the design, the trends aim to mix surfaces of neutral colors, with vivid hues. The most daring options are red, apple green, bright blue or mustard. You may include them.

8. You will not privilege other spaces. The kitchen is a priority because it is the place where get-togethers are held more often. So it is not crazy to reserve the largest space in the house to achieve a kitchen that is comfortable to walk around.

7. You will not show your weapons. In a top-level kitchen keeping appliances and utensils in sight is a sin. It is essential to have furniture, drawers, and a central island that allows the maximum storage of all implements, with matte finish coatings and smooth texture with almost imperceptible divisions.

6. You will not work too hard. Cooking is no longer a traumatic experience. The main brands do not stop offering us options to simplify work in the kitchen. In this sense, Bosch offers the quietest dishwashers on the market, so you’ll never hand wash another dish again. The Benchmark line is one of the best options to choose from, featuring a third flexible rack that adds 30% more loading space, TFT controls and 6 wash programs.

5. You will leave no trace. It is very unpleasant to breathe in the residual odor of food preparations even hours after their consumption. That’s why a luxury kitchen cannot miss a cooker hood like the Curved Glass Island Hood, or the very discreet straight-lined Chimney Hood Stainless Steel, both from Smeg. Any of them will put the sophisticated Made in Italy touch in your kitchen.

4. You will bake your own bread. Enjoying the smell of freshly baked bread is a luxury that is now within reach. Gaggenau offers sophisticated convection and vapor oven combination systems, with TFT controls for easy operation. These will add sophistication to your kitchen, and their versatility will make your life easier.

3. You will save your time. To reduce the time you spend working in the kitchen you can use countless implements, such as knife sets, measuring spoons, scales, thermometers, and many more.

2. You will love technology. Include LED displays in your new kitchen, as well as lighting and sound systems and digital appliances such as the Bosch Drawer Microwave 800. In addition, the brand offers its Home Connect system that allows you to connect the operation of your appliances to your Smartphone, which will put your kitchen on another level in convenience and luxury.

1. To the cold as to yourself. Refrigerators are the kings of the kitchen, and in a luxury space they occupy a large area. The Thermador Freedom Refrigeration allows you to manage the internal space according to convenience, to reflect on the inside the beauty of the outside.

Obviously, new trends as far as kitchens are concerned, aim to enhance this space to take it to a high level, and turn it into the favorite place of any home.


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