Danau by PITT Cooking: the secret of cooking at ease with the fire of a volcano


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Cooking to our heart’s content is a desire we all have. Putting different pans and pots on the same hob without worrying about one being wider and the other smaller is the frontier that PITT Cooking has crossed thanks to its ingenious integrated burner system.


In these days of open kitchen concepts, countertops are the stage on which cabinets and appliances are presented as important actors in the gastronomic theater of the home. And although having the kitchen as the center of the house, seems something new, the truth is that it isn’t.


In the past, they were the ones who brought people together. Family, friends, and neighbors gathered around the kitchen to share everyday life stories while cooking and enjoying the food.


With that in mind, PITT Cooking created this innovative cooking system integrated into the countertop. Unlike the traditional hobs that offer little space between the burners, this brand bets on independent burners that provide extra space to allow you to use them simultaneously, creating a kitchen custom-made to your needs.



The fire of Danau at home

A famous Indonesian volcano gives its name to one of PITT Cooking’s integrated countertop burner solutions. The Danau model of this brand offers 4 burners: 1 small (0.3-2 kW), 1 medium (0.2-3 kW) and 2 combined burners wok/simmering (0.2-5 kW).


The different powers, along with the wok ring, give you the possibility not only to use the hob as you please but also to create an ideal configuration that adapts to the available space and the style of your dreams. Roasting, frying, boiling or simmering, all culinary creation options are possible in this equipment manufactured following the most demanding guidelines of Dutch engineering.

La Cuisine International

With automatic spark ignition, the Danau cooking system has flame protection, which makes it a safe gas hob to use. As if that wasn’t enough guarantee, you should know that each piece manufactured at PITT Cooking’s factory has passed a long and solid test phase with very positive results, ensuring that you can have absolute control of your flames and that the countertop temperature will remain low because there will be minimal heat transfer.


With the possibility to even place the controls above or in front of your countertop, the Danau burner system will offer you an easy-to-clean hob. The different parts of the burners can be separated to remove food residues or grease from them. Besides, this appliance guarantees you a flat countertop, with no raised corners or awkward areas where dirt can accumulate.


Like the other PITT Cooking systems, the Danau model can be perfectly adapted to any granite, stainless steel, quartz, or marble countertop with aesthetically pleasing results. But the best thing is that you’ll have at your service burners that any chef would envy for their power and safety lock.


So, you just need to decide how you are going to distribute the volcanic power of Danau on your countertop because anything you cook to share with your family or friends around these burners will become an unforgettable opportunity to cook how you please.


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