Cylindra Isola by Faber: the way to expel kitchen odors with style


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The kitchen extractor hood Cylindra Isola by Faber is an appliance that in addition to expelling bad odors from your kitchen, also adds style to it. However, its simple and refined design says nothing about the high technological innovation that this extractor hood brings to your home.


In terms of household appliances, Faber knows that the quote “form follows function”  by architect Henry Sullivan is a must, more than a suggestion. Perhaps that’s why this Italian brand is known for its high-quality extraction appliances and strong aesthetic impact.


Because let’s be honest, in this era of open kitchens, the design of an appliance like the extractor hood is important when it comes to choosing one, right? With that in mind, Faber aims at offering appliances with diverse shapes, trends, and styles to please the most demanding tastes.



First cylindrical, then simple

Believe it or not, the extractor hood Cylindra Isola has a traditional design. Yes, this extractor hood follows the basic concept for this appliance: a cylinder that allows you to remove bad odors from your kitchen but that’s enhanced and reinforced by a material such as stainless steel and the brand’s state-of-the-art technology.


The result? An appliance with a traditional cylindrical shape that becomes the protagonist of trendy kitchens due to its functionality, aesthetic, and versatility that allows it to be incorporated into any decoration style.


Thus, the Cylindra Isola is an elegant extractor hood with a stainless-steel finish and a cylindrical body that’s mounted directly on the ceiling.


La Cuisine International

Its simple and modern design, make it the perfect choice for kitchens with a central island since it can be placed right above the stove.


And if you have or wish to have one of those open kitchens integrated with the living room, this is the extractor hood you’re looking for. Why? Because the Faber EVO motor, designed for optimal efficiency, will guarantee a space free of bad odors and at the same time a minimum level of noise and energy consumption.


This device can be operated with remote control, it’s equipped with 2 LED lights installed to perfectly illuminate the cooking area below, and offers you 4 preset speeds, plus Intensive Power Boost. This intensive setup eliminates strong odors from cooking in just 6 minutes.


This perimeter extraction technology appliance has an innovative 24-hour anti-pollution mode and a 30-minute delayed shutdown, which will be your accomplices when you prepare dishes with strong odors that require many cooking hours.


And don’t worry about cleaning the appliance because Cylindra Isola is as easy to clean on the outside as it is on the inside. The grease saturation alarm will alert you when it’s time to remove the mesh filter and put it in the dishwasher. So, as you can see, Faber has included in this extractor hood not only style but also all the technology that a modern kitchen needs.


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