Cayman Cookout 2018: A decade of gastronomic pleasure


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The Cayman Islands are, without a doubt, a paradise on earth. This beautiful archipelago formed by three islands (Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman) offers on one hand white sand beaches, bright sunshine, and turquoise waters that caress the sand. And on the other hand, the location has an infinity of flavors that -for the past 10 years- has turned the islands into the perfect spot to gather the most renowned cuisine masters and the most luxurious beverages and appliances related to culinary pleasures.


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This year, the Cayman Cookout event took place from January 10 to the 14 with a special twist. Diners, brands, and chefs alike celebrated 10 years of gastronomic enjoyment presented in a magical natural environment.


La Cuisine International


As usual, the Ritz Hotel -main sponsor of the event- hosted most of the events developed and Thermador, one of LCI’s brands, provided its professional ranges, so the world-famous chefs led by Chef Eric Ripert, Anthony Bourdain, and José Andrés shared the gastronomic stage outdoors at locations such as the Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman island.


La Cuisine International


Eat, love and, especially, enjoy

More than 40 events with interactive cooking demonstrations and unique tasting session were the main attractions of this celebration. For 5 days, lovers of fine cuisine witnessed how local exotic ingredients combined with vibrant flavors of sweet and salty notes from the gastronomic experience of alchemists such as Emeril Lagasse, Alfred Portale, Daniel Boulud, Dominique Crenn, Michael Mina, Rick Bayless, Robert Irvine, and Sean Brockel.


La Cuisine International


As is traditional in the Cayman Cookout, diners were immersed in experiences as diverse as the famous Around the World (a gastronomic journey with Chef Anthony Bourdain through different culinary expressions of the world); the barbecue under the stars hosted by Ripert, Bourdain, and José Andrés along with artisanal cocktails; and the catamaran trip to Stingray City to enjoy the Caribbean, followed by The Beach Bash at Rum Point to taste bites freshly made by talented chefs.

The finishing touch of this memorable celebration was the “10 stars” evening. For this event, chef Eric Ripert presented the well-known chefs from the Cayman Cookout and joined them to offer a memorable ten-course dinner accompanied by the best wines from the main winemakers around the world.

Therefore, we have no choice but patiently wait another 365 days to fall again into the temptation of flavors of the 11th edition of this wonderful event that has taken the British archipelago to the top level of international cuisine.


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