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Grill lovers can agree on several topics: what is the best cut of meat, which accessories make the job easier, which vegetables are the best to eat roasted and which ones are better raw… But the never-ending topic of discussion has always been whether it is better to grill with charcoal or gas.

For some, the reason is that charcoal gives a smoky taste to food, without mentioning the whole experience of lighting the charcoals: a reminder of the ancestors who cooked with firewood and struggled with the weather. For others, gas grills are more practical, easy to wash and have the advantage of allowing you to control how the food is cooked, preventing you burn anything or end up with a cut of meat that’s raw on the inside.

A war between technology and tradition that COYOTE OUTDOOR decided to end by offering the best of both worlds: the  50″ Hybrid Grill.

Charcoal Team

 Among the benefits of grilling with charcoal are the separation of fats and their dissolution during slow cooking, aside from retaining the juices of meats for a softer and tender result. On the other hand, the proteins in food remain intact during the cooking process, so you take full advantage of the nutritional value of your meals. And certainly, charcoal-roasted foods acquire a characteristic flavor that cannot be achieved with another method.


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 For those who are fans of charcoal or firewood, COYOTE OUTDOOR offers them a 600-square-inches grill, with a fuel tray from the outside handlebar and an adjustable door for handling charcoal or wood chips. The 50″ Hybrid Grill features dampers to control airflow, a cover with internal lighting and temperature control.

Everything a barbecue grill expert may need for a summer Sunday.

Gas Team

 Gas grills, on the other hand, also have their benefits: they are more practical and easier to clean and are considered safer due to their control knobs. Cooking processes are faster, more direct and are considered  less polluting than charcoal grills.


La Cuisine International

For those who prefer gas, the 50″ Hybrid Grill offers two high-performance Coyote I-Burners with an output of 40,000 BTU and internal lighting in a 600-square-inches cooking area. All that controlled from a pair of exterior knobs with temperature control by levels. Available for natural gas or propane.

A friendly game

Now that both options are reconciled into a single outdoor kitchen appliance, you should know that the 50″ Hybrid Grill allows you to use both systems at the same time, transforming a classic barbecue into a high-end culinary party where everyone can participate. The original version can be located on an outdoor workstation; however, among the accessories for this appliance, you can add a movable stainless-steel cart.

Also, to customize your grill, you can add other accessories, ranging from adjustable laser-cut grates to form harmonic workstations, to a 14” stainless-steel drop-in griddle, and a custom fit weather resistant cover to be used when the game is over.

So, the next time the eternal debate arises in a conversation, invite your barbecue friends from both teams to a duel that’ll take place in the backyard of your home with your COYOTE OUTDOOR.


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