Bake as a professional in 4-step with the oven HBA512ER0 by Bosch


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Professional baking certainly has its tricks, but if aside from knowing and implementing them you have as an accomplice like the oven HBA512ERO by Bosch, then achieving it is a piece of cake.


Many times, baking enthusiasts try to follow a recipe that, despite seeming simple, doesn’t come out exactly as planned. The reason? The 4 basic rules of professional baking are not considered: preheating, temperature control, not opening the oven door and not improvising.


No matter what oven you have, the truth is that incurring in any of these little mistakes can end up ruining that recipe you were trying so carefully to prepare.


Luckily, there are some baking tips that can help you avoid these mistakes and get amazing results. So, we’ll share them with you while we tell you how the oven HBA512ERO by Bosch will help you implement them.


Step 1. Preheat the oven

Preheating the oven before introducing the food to be cooked is a step that you should NEVER skip. Why? Because aside from extending the baking process, this can cause food to burn or the dish to dry out because the liquid evaporates.


This won’t be an issue with the oven HBA512ERO by Bosch. The fast-preheating Sprint function will save you time, instead of having to wait the usual 15 or 20 minutes for the appliance to reach the ideal temperature to introduce the dish to be baked.


Step 2. Temperature control


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This step is the twin brother of the previous one. It’s no coincidence that grannies used to say that every oven is unique, and they’re always right. However, with an appliance like the HBA512ERO by Bosch, controlling the temperature and guessing if the power is the right one for the dish you want to prepare won’t be a problem.


This oven with professional 3D heating ensures perfect distribution of hot air (up to 3 levels simultaneously), which guarantees perfect results.


Additionally, this multifunction appliance (7 functions) offers you the possibility to choose between: upper and lower heat, pizza function, soft hot air, grill with hot air, wide surface grill and lower heat. All to ensure your dish is properly cooked.


Step 3. Don’t open the door

Anxiety is the main enemy of good baking. Opening the oven door abruptly lowers the temperature inside the oven and the consequence is to lose the level of moist, hot air that most dishes made in this appliance require.


In this sense, the model HBA512ERO offers halogen lighting inside the oven that’ll allow you to clearly see the cooking process without opening the door, and an electronic stop cooking timer that’ll help you avoid the anxiety, preventing your cakes from not sponging or deflating during baking.



Step 4. Don’t improvise

Yes, we already know that every creation has a little improvisation, but the great chefs confirm that there are certain exceptions when it comes to the kitchen and especially if the oven is involved. This is why, you must follow the recipe to the letter when baking to avoid unpleasant results.


Perhaps, you can give a fun or different touch to a recipe by replacing or incorporating ingredients, but never do it when it comes to baking time or temperature.


As you can see, these 4 simple steps with an oven like the HBA512ERO by Bosch are not only easy to follow, but also the absolute guarantee that you’ll say goodbye to dried meat, deflated cakes, and raw pastas, because you’ll have the secrets of professional baking under your sleeve. And we almost forgot to tell you: this device is easy to clean because its interior surface is smooth and without no nooks and crannies. (Read also 3 magic tips to clean the oven).


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