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William Pérez is the head and founder of Complementos, a studio that offers comprehensive solutions in architecture and interior design. An architect by passion and profession, Pérez Boscán recently won the second place in the first edition of the I&D contest. Thus, adding another award to his resume, which includes one that took him to the offices of Cosentino in Spain, along with other contestants.

Upon receiving the prize from Susana Rojas, Marketing & Business Development Manager, Pérez said that he considered the I&D contest an excellent initiative. “For a company to be interested in knowing what is in the minds of those who deal with clients daily, it’s a valuable initiative especially because it establishes an interesting feedback between the brands, those who design, and the final client,” indicated the Venezuelan architect.

The kitchen as a space to share with others

Pérez said that his ideal concept of a home has the kitchen as the core of the house. “Before, the kitchens were separated from the home, they were reserved for the service staff. This vision has changed and now, kitchens have become a social area were plenty of interaction takes place. Said change implied a transformation in the conceptual structure of the home and its spatial harmony. That explains the trend of open kitchens.”


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The Venezuelan architect stated that it was precisely that vision the one he portrayed in the design that won the second place of the I&D contest. “I always aim at making the kitchen seem more than just a space to prepare food in all my projects. My focus is creating a space so beautiful that the client wants to show it to his/her friends: A perfect place to have breakfast, share a drink or enjoy a good conversation while you cook.”

William Pérez believes that the current trend of open kitchens that -in an era characterized by reduced spaces- can be achieved simply by tearing down a wall, it has an impact in the spiritual harmony of the home. “Having open spaces, in a sense pushes you to be more open in general as a person. This is an advantage of this concept that I usually explain to the clients.”

Immune to trends

Architecture, as any other profession related to art and shapes, is influenced by trends. However, William Pérez stated that he is immune to trends. “As a goal, my designs are not ruled by the whims of fashion, because they fade away. I like to create designs that last in time. Color accents, for example, which change every year, are just an accessory in my projects so the client can easily change them in the kitchen without modifying the basic concept.”

The winner of the second place of the I&D contest emphasized the importance of the flow in the kitchen layout, since the same allows people to move freely and be able to work as they please. “For example, as a norm, I respect schemes such as the fact that the area designated for the refrigerator and the dishwasher are nearby, while the area where heat is found is in a triangular axis. We always consider these types of things, as I attempt to maintain a balance between the technical details and the creative part of the design.”

When asked what the elements of an ideal kitchen are, William Pérez indicated that he believes the kitchen must become an area that allows its users to spend time and get involved with each other. “That kind of harmony is priceless and combining the necessary elements to create it is no easy task,” he added.

Knowledge to offer advice

Pérez explained that currently architects also must be advisors. “We have become a multitasking profession: We must be psychologists, decorators, technicians. Nowadays, we are expected to have a wide variety of talents that allows us to cover many aspects.”

Among the many talents and skills are being up-to-date in terms of appliances, their technology and usability. “When it comes to choosing the appliances for the kitchen, the architect must be an advisor that favors the needs of the client. As professionals, we obviously have an idea of what is ideal based on the design created but it is the client who will use the appliance so, I tend to talk to them to find out about their habits, needs and taste. The ego of the architect cannot be more important than the needs of the client.”

In terms of the brands of the LCI portfolio, this Venezuelan architect chooses Liebherr and Smeg as his favorite, being the ones present in his design project for the I&D contest. “Liebherr is an excellent brand that offers high quality and performance, plus its understated design always fits perfectly. They are well-built appliances. I also like the retro models from Smeg since they add a touch of distinction to any project, aside from their great quality.”

As evidenced in the design that won the second place in the I&D contest, Pérez is inclined towards appliances of minimalist lines and when asked about the importance of their connectivity, he said that -even though this new feature makes life easier- it is not the most important aspect when it comes to choosing an appliance.

Pérez closed by saying that regardless of the preference in relation to brands, the perfect appliance is one that offers good performance, a clean and simple design, quality components, and a good warranty. “That is the ideal complement for any project.”


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