Smeg’s CPF48UGMX: the range that every chef dreams about  


Having a professional range like the Smeg CPF48UGMX at home is much more than a simple wish. It’s a luxury that transforms the daily cooking experience into something extraordinary. 

Professional ranges are designed to facilitate the preparation of more complex dishes with the same ease as a simple home-cooked meal. In addition, these appliances are manufactured with high-quality materials to offer durability and exceptional performance for many years. 

Imagine being able to replicate in your home the accuracy and control that experienced chefs enjoy in the world’s finest restaurants. A range like the Smeg CPF48UGMX gives you access to advanced features like multiple cooking zones, precise temperature control, and a variety of cooking modes to suit every type of food. These features not only allow you to prepare delicious meals effortlessly but also give you the confidence that every dish will turn out perfectly. 

But beyond functionality, having a professional range at home also adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to your kitchen. The robust and aesthetically pleasing design of these appliances elevates any decoration style, transforming the range into the center of attention in an area of the home where friends and family will want to gather. That’s why this model will be the best choice for you. 

The luxury of its burners  

The Smeg CPF48UGMX range is characterized by its elegant and sophisticated design and its impressive gastronomic performance. This model features five burners of different power ratings, allowing for great versatility in the kitchen. From the lowest flame, ideal for delicate sauces that require slow and steady cooking, to the high-power burner that makes it easy to boil water in minutes or sauté ingredients at high temperatures, the Smeg CPF48UGMX adapts to any culinary need. This flexibility saves you time, while improving the quality of your dishes, allowing precise cooking control for perfect results. 

Aside from the five burners, the Smeg CPF48UGMX includes a steel griddle plate, offering a healthy and delicious option for food preparation.  

The steel plate is ideal for cooking meats, fish, and vegetables without using a lot of oil, preserving nutrients, and enhancing the natural flavors of the ingredients. The even heat distribution on the griddle ensures even cooking and professional results. With this additional function, the Smeg CPF48UGMX becomes an essential tool for those looking to expand their gastronomic catalog and experiment with different cooking techniques in their kitchen. 

Two ovens for maximum versatility 

The Smeg CPF48UGMX features two built-in ovens, a main oven and a secondary one, giving you the flexibility to prepare different dishes simultaneously. The main oven is ideal for more demanding tasks, such as roasting a turkey or baking several dishes at once, while the secondary oven is perfect for preparing side dishes or desserts. 

This configuration saves you time, allowing for better organization in the kitchen, thus facilitating the creation of complete meals with ease. 

More than eight cooking functions  

With more than eight cooking functions, baking with the Smeg CPF48UGMX is a personalized experience. These functions include everything from thermoventilation, which ensures even and fast cooking, to pizza mode, which allows you to achieve the perfect texture and flavor for your homemade pizzas. Each function is designed to maximize the flavor and texture of your dishes, providing versatility to suit any recipe. 

The built-in automatic steam cleaning function is one of the features that stands out on the Smeg CPF48UGMX. This system uses steam to soften and remove stuck-on grease and food residue, making oven cleaning a quick and effortless process. You no longer have to worry about time-consuming cleaning times, because with this feature your oven will be ready for the next recipe in no time. 

Defrost function and versatile shelves 

Another convenient feature of the Smeg CPF48UGMX is its time defrost function, which allows you to defrost food efficiently and safely, getting it ready to operate in no time. This feature is useful for those days when you need to prepare a quick but delicious meal. 

The main oven comes equipped with five shelves, offering multiple cooking levels for greater flexibility. You can cook several dishes simultaneously, without compromising the flavor or texture of each of them. This versatility is essential for any cook looking to maximize the use of their time and space in the kitchen. 

The Smeg CPF48UGMX stainless-steel range brings the functionality and precision of a professional kitchen to your home, but also adds a touch of elegance and sophistication that enhances any culinary space. With advanced features like two ovens, multiple cooking functions, automatic steam cleaning, and an intuitive defrost function, this range is the tool you’ve been looking for to take your cooking to the next level. With the Smeg CPF48UGMX, every meal will be a masterpiece. 


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